The Simple Truth about Twitter.

istock_000006637754xsmallIf Oprah and Larry King are doing it, Twitter is becoming conventional? It is another form of Social Media that has become so popular it seems to be overtaking all the others. If you are of the few that believe that Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are going away, you need to adjust your thinking fast, especially if you are waiting for email to catch on before you get your own email address.

Most people still don’t get Twitter and daily I get asked to explain what it is…for what they are worth…here are my thoughts:

I look at TWITTER in old fashioned terms when trying to explain it to my contemporaries….TWITTER is “a little Birdie told me”: short bits of information that I choose to disseminate to my followers or TRIBE. It is an update on what is happening in life that I think they might find interesting. Rather than picking up the phone and calling ALL the usual suspects, I send an under-140 character message to all of them. Some of them respond, some are happy with the update and don’t respond and some don’t really want to know. The ones that don’t want to know can easily unfollow and I don’t take it personally. The key is…make sure that your TWEETS are meaningful. Say something, educate or elucidate…and if you have nothing to say…don’t.

If you are trying to escape Technology, here is one of my favourite options: 


4 Replies to “The Simple Truth about Twitter.”

  1. Richard, you know that I am very tech savvy and am a strong supporter of social marketing but Twitter leaves me cold. It is addictive and that bothers me. As someone who is verbose, the concept of being under 140 characters would be a struggle. I see multi reasons for Twitter in business, like following stocks, bonds, money markets, etc. But to follow the ramblings of many is beyond me. The fact that Starbucks is too busy or out of blueberry muffins is what I observe dominates Twitter for many. Call me negative but Twitter is to me an obsession and although I have a tribe, I cannot see it benefitting me or the tribe members. I frankly would not want the abundant messages. I would not subject people to receiving my ramblings. I guess that instead of me being a Twitteter or Treeter I am a Twat!

  2. I actually like Twitter. The value of the information that can be received there is priceless. If you target your audience of followers and who you choose to follow Twitter can be great for “local” online business.

    Of course I am going to say that as a person who uses Twitter daily

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