What I Learned at Inman Real Estate Connect: August 2009 Day One

iStock_000006057864XSmallIt’s true, I am an Inman Real Estate Connect Junkie! Last week I sucked up as much information as I could in San Francisco and was upset when they offered four tracks on the second day afternoon because I could not sit in on four presentations at the same time…sick?? Sorry  if the information below rambles but…trying to get bits and pieces from the best minds in the field…

So. Day One started off with Bloggers Connect:

Jim Cronin of the Real Estate Tomato started my day off with some simple tips and tricks to improve your blogs:

Search “Easter Egg” on RETomato.com or click here.  Great suggestions about links images and abbreviations. Add it in the title link. Edit Alternate text… <Abbr> add related posts to the bottom of your article…calls to action…ask the expert questions and search for homes… Read it to get the full scoop!


The WordPress Plugin:

He had great explanations of  My category Order, wordpress.org, Cforms II, Facebook Connect, Akismet, ListingPress (embeds MLS on my web site).


Be engaging, be conversational and add media…post on posterous.com…organizing Facebook friends for coffees! Set meetups offline, Ricardo Bueno and Craig Donato were great examples…promote other people’s content..

Promoting your listings on Facebook:

  • Facebook Marketplace: housing…posting is free…fueling conversations. Comment wall…add a new tab.
  • Blog.oodle.com newsfeed on Facebook. www.facebook.com/martketplace or www.oodle.com
  • Make sure there is Social in Social Media…
  • fish where the fish are…should I push my facebook people to my Blog or keep them on Facebook? Keep people in Facebook!

Some Thoughts from Sonia Simone (brilliant): copyblogger.com

  • What is it about your brand? What is the hook? It is for relationships and trust!
  • Resolve Underlying Objections! I don’t like Real Estate People! I don’t lake Salespeople!
  • Write articles and content about barriers…
  • Blog is part of a system. You have to be great to compete.. Personal and entertaining…friend and Authority…authority rules, 
  • cookie content: content is too good to give away…that is where you want to be…
  • write your blogs for your consumers not other Realtors…more content geared to your prospect.
  • Specialized..communicate toward a perfect customer for your market.
  • Who is your perfect customer? Write special reports: Downsizing Gracefully…Write special reports: Getting your paperwork in order to list…
  • FAQ really FRO frequently asked objections…
  • Email newsletter!! aweber.com, have valuable content to give…is your blog a Ginger or a Maryanne? Use the hit reality show. Read Big Red Fez. Be transparent…

The Nicholays: Twitter: Nicole and Reggie have wonderful insights!

MORE Twitter Apps: From the Nicholays

  1. www.tweetdeck.com
  2. www.topify.com
  3. www.twittelator.com Pro(shares video)
  4. www.tweetmeme.com
  5. www.flickrmybackground.com
  6. www.Su.pr
  7. www.Blip.fm
  8. www.tweetboard.com
  9. www.bubbletweet.com,
  10. www.wplifestream.com
  11. www.business.twitter.com

Cutting Edge Tactics for the Wired Agent: Ian Watt, Vancouver BC,

  • Outsources a lot of things, google Apps, google docs, Wiki,
  • Amanda: altos research consumer-friendly market research. Give your business personality!
  • www.chicagohomepartner.com
  • Be compassionate…do what you do best and outsource the rest!

Rob Hahn (he is very smart) and Kris Berg (Blogger par excellence)…spoke of the value of independence…

Brad Inman’s Opening Session: more positive…with Morgan Brown

  • “cost to rent and cost to buy is getting smaller”
  • “absorption rate is going down”
  • technology Trends: Trade Off by Kevin Maney (book), the middle ground is a wasteland
  • travel agency service coming back… More service…
  • look for new opportunities,
  • unlocked information,
  • social search..

Tools From Morgan Brown:

  1. www.Issuu.com you are the Publisher
  2. www.viralheat.com  track what people are saying about you
  3. www.drop.io real-time sharing
  4. www.jimdo.com create a free website
  5. www.feedmingle.com create your own Google News
  6. www.mailchimp.com easy and fun email marketing
  7. www.screentoaster.com record whatever is on your screen
  8. www.geochirp.com GeoChirp helps you search for people Twittering for specific things in a specific area
  9. www.tumblr.com helps you create sites
  10. www.usertesting.com gives you Feedback about your site
  11. www.99designs.com allows you to have people bid to design your projects

Read Byte.snack.meal by Nick Bilton www.Bytesnackmeal.com coming out in 2010. Check it out online!

That was the end of Day one and because there was so much information….we will move on to Day Two next…

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  1. Thanks so much for this post- I know it was a labor of love. The conferences are always so great, and then you get home and try out all the apps and links and see what works- it’s like Christmas all over again!
    I absolutely love posterous. I had tried it before I left, and have really been fooling with it since I got home.

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