Social Media: REBarCamp San Francisco August 2009

RebarcampWhat follows are some notes that I took August 4th at the 1st anniversary of REBarCamp. Due to the amount of information, I am trying to keep it as simple and point driven as possible. It was a great day where 400 + engaged members of the Social Media community got together to share their thoughts in this ad-hoc forum.

Your Web Site:

Meet the Consumers expectations. Consumers want the answer three questions:

  1. What is the market like?
  2. What is my house worth?
  3. Can I Search Homes?

Kelly Koehler’s is a great site to visit for the consumer… Assume the Consumer does not know the business: “Find a home” rather than “Search the MLS”…IDX…search box should be the most prominent part of your web site. Type-in rather than drop boxes are more popular for consumers in the search.

Traffic and Conversion: Suggests two level search…ask for contact information after they see basic information


Check out:
Blog as a person, develop a community, organic content, inject personality. Become the Golden Triangle: Twitter, Facebook and your Blog…no one clicks on Banner ads…know your competition, (a URL Shortener),  tag people on Facebook.

Electronic Signatures:

Bill Clinton signed into law in 2000….In Ontario, Lawyers transfer property by pressing a button on a Computer but…Electronic Signatures are not legal for the Agreement of Purchase and Sale…Why is that? Check out Would this not be a great addition to CREA’s WebForms in Canada?

Search Engine Optimization: Some Great Suggestions!

  • What it is? Getting the Search Engines to recognize your web site…is your site potent?
  • On page SEO and off page SEO. If your web site is important others will link to it. Who is pointing to you is important?? The more authority the more it’s weighted…
  • BING…write it outside your world…instead of market, write real estate market…
  • Conversion is higher for more specific. You will get more traffic being more generic but more conversion being more specific..
  • Do not abbreviate on your listings…
  • keep blogging on the articles that brought you the most attention..
  • or Google analytics, Google Adwords…integrate the adwords to search for….URL that contains your main topic…anchor tags(click here)….
  • landing pages…no flash…
  • upload to Flickr and,, Google loves content…
  • Change the descriptions on different sites you may post the same content….build lots of brilliant content!!!

Patrick Kitano of Domus Consulting said Twitter will become totally business. Crassly commercial systems, forget Facebook. Follow every single twitter on the area you service…it is the next media tool for broadcasting.

After all that…as you can imagine, being that this is just some of the information that I culled, I went home with fried brains and tried to make sense of it all. However there was more to come so stay tuned for the next posts…

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REBarCamp San Francisco August 2009.

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