The Kindle is Coming! The Kindle is Coming!!!

r-kindle09rb4Over the past six months, I have been lucky enough to be part of a “Kindle Group” of 6 people. That means that the six of us can share whatever books are downloaded to the Kindle Account that we have access to…thanks to our friend Teri, who lives in the US.

For copyright reasons, the Amazon Kindle has not been available on the web site but we have been lucky enough to travel to the United States a couple of times and were able to download books that were in our Kindle Group archives.


It is easy to handle and great to know that books are available at any time day or night for you to download, or newspapers, magazines, or Blogs. Mine also allows me to alter the font and when I am beat but still feel like reading, I can plug in the head set, enable the “text-to-speech” and listen to the reader (not dramatic but accurate enough).

I’m not sure how it will work in Canada but wish that it would have been available the first day of  University back in ’68 when I left the University Bookstore laden with a fortune of heavy books that I never picked up after my 1st year. The cost of a book is at least half of what you would pay (no printing or delivery) but there is an upfront cost for the hardware…

Here is some information from the Globe and Mail . I say go for it! I would be surprised if you did not enjoy the benefits…any thoughts??

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  1. Hi Richard,

    A friend of mind also had one ahead of launch from the US and I had the opportunity to fiddle with it for some time.

    You’ll never convince a literary purist on its benefits but I definitely think it has a place in the market for many.

    As far as the Kindle itself, I see alot of room for improvement, and suspect many of the bigger tech players will eventually prey in on this market with more robust technology such as touchscreens,

  2. I have an even better idea than the Kindle. It is a single-use gadget….. I am a reader and can burn through books with the best of them. I use my Blackberry and a website called Audible. I download audio books to my computer and I can burn cd’s to listen to, or listen from my computer or put them on my Blackberry….. When I am out walking the dog I can listen to my newest book, get my daily dose of fresh air and exercise and enjoy an inspiration novel, sales/training guru, fun, romance, sport, travel. My blackberry has a speaker in it so that when I am doing housework or paperwork I can listen to a book as well. Best of all, it is somethng I already have to carry anyway…. LOVE it!!!! Highly recommend it!!!

  3. I love the kindle concept, especially the “downloading anywhere” idea. Personally I use the ipod and iphone for my “reading/listening” to books and magazines, and podcasts. For me it works better, as I’m on the move constantly, but I know there are many that love the written word. Without a doubt either method will improve our knowledge. How wonderful.

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