Technology: The Joys of

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The great news about Social Media is you have all these platforms to help get the word out…The bad news is that you have all these platforms to update. It forces you to rewrite or cut and paste updates into three,  four or more sites.

Then along comes  and I love it. It allows me to go to one dashboard, enter one update, and have it syndicated to all or a number of the Social Media platforms that you use (eight for me…at present). 

There is a warning however….just make sure that if you choose your updates to be ubiquitous, that you are comfortable with those updates being on all of your Social Media Platforms. What you post on MySpace  or Facebook  might not be what you want your LinkedIn  tribe to see; of course, that means you could group your platforms into groups but too many groups would definitely recreate the problem that first moved you to consider .

Anyway,  is great and FREE. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I thought you were going on a holiday until January
    nice to see you working hard showing us these new
    websites… You are great at this.. THANKS RICHARD..

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