Technology: For Microsoft Outlook, Xobni Rocks!

XobniOne of the best products I have come across this year is called  or Inbox backwards. If you use Microsoft Outlook  and have spent loads of time trying to move from an email, into contacts to find the emailer’s phone number, or to search for documents you might have sent, or appointments that you may have made….You can do it all with the Xobni  sidebar.

It also shows you whether you clients are on Facebook  or LinedIn . It is easy to increase your Social Media networks by using Xobni as well as giving you some useful information about who you are engaging. It will show you their Avatar  if it is connected to LinkedIn  or Facebook  as well.

It is definitely the most business friendly tool that I have added in the past few months but to my knowledge is only available to Microsoft Outlook  users. There is a free version to check out and an upgraded at a cost. In my mind, money really well spent. Enjoy!


Check it out and add your comments below:

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  1. Richard, how you find the find to do such indepth reseaerch all the time astounds me and I am an insominiac. Thanks for this, it seems like something I can really use and I will be passing it on to others. Appreciate your generosity of sharing.

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