Toronto Real Estate Board Launches IDX.


IDX or Internet Data Exchange  has been launched by the Toronto Real Estate Board  this month. This platform allows the participating Brokers to share their listings with other participating Brokers on their web sites. For a consumer it means greater access to one-stop shopping on a Brokerage or Realtor site. 

The Toronto Real Estate Board  says “This is a unique, customizable web interface provided by Toronto Real Estate Board to all Members who belong to participating (opted-in) Brokerages. Clients searching for real estate on their websites will be able to use the TREB IDX interface to perform searches, map listings and view property details.”

I have added it to my sites at and under the “Search for Homes” tab, so feel free to check it out and let me know your thoughts below.

3 Replies to “Toronto Real Estate Board Launches IDX.”

  1. HATS OFF TO TREB!!!!!!! Coming here as a REALTOR from the USA, (where in New Hampshire, we have had IDX for a number of years); this is fantastic news. I can only HOPE that my Board (Hamilton Burlington) will follow suit and SOON. Great service to consumers.

  2. Seems to be just another bloated cutdown version of the mls. very slow, and not THAT different to using the regular mls system. sorry.

  3. Glad to hear that at least Toronto has the IDX! I am still waiting for Ottawa and the OREB folks to get on board. They are dragging their feet as if by NOT doing anything everythign will be okay. They need to wake up and follow Toronto to adopt an IDX solution.

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