Last week at REBarCamp San Francisco.

Blackberry 9700 037Last Monday at the 3rd REBarCamp San Francisco there was a heated discussion generated by Joel Burslem’s recent blog called “The Death of the Real Estate Blog” for 1000 Watt Consulting . I don’t think that I have ever been in a room so filled with the movers and shakers of Real Estate Blogging…the Big Kahunas were there: Jay Thompson , Bill Lublin , Rob Hahn , Heather Elias , Derek Overby , Dale Chumbley , Todd Carpenter , Maya Paveza , Andy Kaufman , Mike Mueller , Ginger Wilcox , Kelly Koehler  and more.

Rob Hahn  and Bill Lublin  in the same room is a recipe for discussion…they love to take polar opposite opinions and battle it out…sort of like watching a Tennis Match….with no one winning.

Then Dale Chumbley  piped in with a great story…as usual.

The scoop is yes, it is harder to get the eyeballs of the masses but like the weather, Real Estate is local and sharing information about a local issue is always really well received.

Don’t miss these great leaning opportunities when they happen in your area. Your thoughts?

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  1. karim kanji

    Blogging is an important strategy in developing a personal/business brand. I believe it is also important in the “search” game as well.

    Remember, content is still king.


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