A Lesson in Social Media Gone Wrong!

Over one year ago now we decided that three of us would go on  a Cruise from Santiago Chile’ to Rio de Janeiro on Holland America Cruise Lines at Xmas and spending an extra five days in Antarctica. It was a wonderful experience and one we will not forget. For the most part, Holland America was a great host as well but…

One of the main reasons we chose Holland America is that two of the three of us are addicted to the Internet and the Ship advertises the best of technology, Internet in your room, and technology classes in the use of the “Window Live” platform.

The first day out I checked out the Computer Lab and was impressed with the class and on-site instructor. Like a good Social Media addict, I tweeted that I had a great class provided by an excellent instructor on our Holland America ship. Within a minute whoever tracks the Twitter in the HAL offices had tweeted back to me that he/she was glad that I had enjoyed the course…I was impressed…a large Corporation was reaching out to engage the consumer…

The next day after a frustrating few hours in the Internet Bar, the room Internet not working as promised, and the charges being excessive for less than dial up connectivity, not aided by the fact that a harassed and surly attendant was getting complaints from all over, I tweeted directly to the HAL birdie that although we were having a great time, the Internet was less than stellar on-board.

One minute later, the answer came back….”Thanks for letting us know…I will pass it on”. Days went by…..I tried once more, same answer exactly…”I will pass it on”.  Never hear back and when I was asked for comments at the end of the trip, I again made the exact same complaint….

Fast forward to today: I have never heard back from Holland America. Almost weekly they mail me offers of new and exciting locations to visit. Each one visits the shredder….let them spend money. I will never travel with them again and I have told this storey at least 50 times….that cannot be a good business decision for Holland America…

If you take the time and money to try and engage the consumer, then you have to listen to the bad as well as the good and do something to correct or assuage the clients sentiments…Is it that hard for corporations to get it? It is all about commitment!

Take a flight on an Asian Airline, visit a Taj or Oberoi Hotel in India….service is a commitment and given with gusto.

What are your stories?

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