My Thoughts on Photography, Virtual Tours and Video and the Power they Provide in Marketing Real Estate.

Here is an interview that discusses my thoughts on Photography, Virtual Tours and video their uses in selling properties. I am a long-time user and fan of OBEO and am being interviewed by Michelle Sharpe, the Canadian Vice-President. Thanks Michelle and the OBEO Team for all the service that you have provided over the years.

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  1. Ken Fobert

    Having a great product is so important with online marketing. So many people think by just launching a website they’re going to be successful (I’ve seen some terrible real estate websites) What a lot of people forget online is that their product, in this case a real estate website, has to be done professionally in order to create trust with visitors.

    Great video Richard

  2. Stephan Gomez

    This post had great insight…I tend to find a lot of realtor sites lacking photos and videos!

    Great Read (and watch too hah!)

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