Top 10 Smart Home Gadgets Part 2

Top 10 Smart Home Gadgets Part 2

I believe that technology can give us so much and instead of binding us, free us from everyday worries so we can enjoy our free time.

In the first part of the Top 10 Smart Home Gadgets I introduced the smart home interaction tool Ubi, the smart thermostat Nest, the faucet of the future LAVi, the new Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner and my favourite – Luna, the smart bed cover. Now I bring five more awesome gadgets to make your home uniquely equipped for better and more comfortable living!

Kitchen Safe – Not Only for Cookies

Wall Street Journal, Time, Business Insider, Mashable, USA Today, BuzzFeed—all of these have gone crazy for the new Kitchen Safe gadget, a powerful tool to build good habits. Once you lock it and set the timer, you can’t access anything that is inside. Kitchen Safe went the extra mile and the whole concept is even backed by research from none other than MIT, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford and Yale Universities.

kitchen safe 2
Lock up your temptations!

The creators quote the Power of Commitment Devices:

Willpower is among a humans’ greatest strength, but studies of successful people have shown that the best strategy is not to rely on it in all situations. Save it for emergencies. There are tricks, such as using commitment devices that enable you to conserve willpower for those moments when it’s indispensable. These techniques require relatively little willpower to implement, and therefore leave you sharper for your most challenging moments.

I can’t wait to get one. And it’s just $49! Lock up the cookies and chocolate, get a break from mobile phones (we have already agreed with a couple of my friends to lock up our phones at the beginning of dinner), limit cash spending by locking up credit cards, cut back on smoking for those who do. It’s so simple I can’t understand why someone hasn’t thought of this before, but I am so grateful someone did!

Lilo – French Herb Magic

Don’t you just love fresh basil on your pasta, or to rub fresh thyme and rosemary on the chicken you are making? I found a perfect answer to my prayer to be able to have fresh herbs all year round. Lilo is a set of herb-growing pots and light that uses a smart growth control system developed by Prêt à Pousser to provide the best possible environment for the herbs in your kitchen. You just need to add a little water and sit back and check on your herbs with the Smart Lilo application! The app also gives you suggestions on cooking recipes and how to use your beautiful herbs to make your meals look and taste like a million dollars.

lilo plants
Lovely Lilo Pots

The idea for Lilo came to its designers from ancient Egypt where they grew herbs on flowing rafts on the Nile River. Your plants will float on water and get all the nutrients from the initial capsule you grow them from. The kit also contains a built-in light to satisfy all the plant’s needs. You’ll get all that for just $53, which is really nothing compared to what I’ve already spent on fresh herbs. It’s convenient to use and a pleasure to look at!

More info in English here.

Ikawa – Roast it Baby!

Ikawa created something magical. Andrew Stordy, Founder and CEO explains:

Ikawa is the world’s first digital roaster. [A] perfect cup of coffee is hard to find. When you buy a cup of coffee it could already be few months old. When you open it, it loses its freshness ad becomes stale. The big brands try to overcome this by vacuum packing, but still they roast it the way they like it and from the beans they like. Ikawa coffee roaster allows you to get the best out of coffee beans.

ikawa roaster green beans
Ikawa Coffee Roaster

You can finally get those green coffee beans from iconic locations that you couldn’t before by having your own roaster and discover your own perfect way how to roast them. (You can order them easily online or in any local coffee shop.) Green coffee beans stay fresh much longer, which means that you can taste coffee so fresh it will blow your mind! You can roast coffee like a professional at home at the press of a button. You can make the roast hotter, cooler or change the duration of the roast to bring out different flavours! Of course, you can monitor all this on your phone through an incredibly precise yet easy to navigate app. At $728, it is one of the most expensive gadgets on this list, but for any coffee lover it’s totally worth the price!

Blossom – Meteorology Station for Your Garden

Simplify your life with this amazing smart watering system. Blossom self-programs based on real-time weather data and gives you control right from your phone, lowering your water bill by up to 30%.

blossom gadget

We waste up to 50% of irrigation water. Blossom programs itself with the right watering schedule for your lawn, so you can put an end to over-watering. Let’s stop wasting water and money.

This encouragement comes from the headquarters in California occupied by the team of technologists, designers and irrigation experts who have built world changing connected products for companies like Skype, Microsoft, Cisco, Vizio and more. I am very excited to put this amazing technology on this list. As a realtor, I know how important a garden is to many people, myself included. This gadget will make your life so much easier and save so much money—and water! At $199 it is also very reasonably priced.

Thanks to XonaTM technology, which recognizes that your yard is a diverse ecosystem of grass, trees and plants, each zone is specifically watered based on layout and vegetation. Blossom automatically schedules the watering of your yard when needed and yet you retain ultimate control through the app in case you decide to check up on it or make some changes.

Sun Solo – Charge with Sun

Solar energy is without a doubt one of the cleanest types of energy and I have always loved solar chargers. Sun Solo is the perfect compromise of effectiveness and great design combined within the green energy charger.

This window solar charger collects all sunlight during the day and stores it on the internal 2.500 mAh Li-poly battery. A very strong suction cup makes it super easy to place it on your window in no time and collect as much energy as possible for you to use all throughout a day!

11 ingenious solar chargers Sun Solo on the window
Sun Solo

When you place the Sun Solo on the window collecting sun-energy, a green LED indicator will be turned on. This means that the device is collecting sun-energy. Furthermore, white led indicators will show the status of the battery. With a full battery you can easy charge your mobile devices such as phones, tablets and cameras. Sun Solo costs $78, which is a very reasonable price for what you’re getting in return—green energy charging for life.

If you liked my ideas and gadgets I posted, please don’t hesitate to contact me or post some of your favourites! I believe that technology can give us so much and instead of binding us, free us from everyday worries so we can enjoy our free time.


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