Top Photo Apps for Real Estate Agents Part 2

Top Photo Apps for Real Estate Agents Part 2

To borrow from Einstein (because it is always good to borrow from Einstein),only two things are infinite: the universe and the number of apps in an app store; and I’m not sure about the universe”. Okay, maybe we did not get that one right historically, but it is perfectly suitable for 21st century. Otherwise, we would not be bringing you part two of the Top Photography Apps for Realtors! You can read part one here.

Picking up where we left off, we’re starting the list with Canva. We’ve chosen photography apps that are made to simplify the way real estate agents work on-the-go. The importance of quality pictures in the real estate business is paramount. So we hope that, with ever-advancing smartphone cameras and the right apps, you will be able to provide your clients with high quality snaps in no time.

Canva | iTunes

You should always leave graphics to designers, unless you are one. Canva, however, lets basically anyone create advanced pictures in just minutes, without breaking a sweat.

The secret to your success lays in Canva’s templates for all social media visuals, business cards, flyers, posters, infographics, etc. There are millions of stock photos to choose from, including free pieces as well as paid, but don’t worry—the pricing is rarely more than $1 per photo. Uploading your own is an option too. Finally, every aspect of the whole design is customizable, from layout to text, shapes, background, brightness and contrast.

canva fonts 1

The thing we love most about Canva is how up-to-date it is. When we were preparing an e-card for the Chinese New Year to send to our subscribers, Canva had a lot of great design elements and templates to choose from. Just recently, we used Canva to create an e-book ”Sell Your Toronto House in No Time”. Download it by subscribing to our newsletter here.

e book canva 1

At the moment, Canva is available as an app for iPad, or you can access it on its website. However, Sylvester Jalnaiz, Canva’s Community Outreach Specialist, revealed that the company is “seriously considering a mobile app in the future”. If you want your graphics to be modern and appealing, make sure to try Canva.


  • lots of free templates and photos to use
  • very easy to use


  • gets laggy when you create multiple pages
  • downloaded graphics are often blurry

AgentSnap App | iTunes 

‘Designed for realtors’ is not something with which app developers label their products. Skills that realtors need to possess vary from professional driving to rhetorics. Somewhere on the scale is advanced time management and photography—two of the most incompatible skills in real estate world. Fortunately, AgentSnap app is designed for realtors and it solves at least one issue from above! Guess which one.

agent snap preview
Agent Snap Preview

With ActiveHDR (high-dynamic range) real-time light processing feature and built-in filters, there’s no need for post-production and the countless adjustments we rarely have the time or skills to make. AgentSnap also levels and corrects horizontal and vertical lines in case you take picture from above your head, or it comes out slanted. Basically, take a picture and the app will automatically make it ready to share with your customers.

agent snap
Agent Snap vs iPhone

Another enjoyable function is the live preview which shows what the photo is going to look like before snapping. Moreover, if you are a fan of attachable lenses, count yourself lucky. AgentSnapp supports them. What the app does not support, however, is Android operating systems.


  • live preview
  • photo straightening


  • not available on Android 
  • comes with a watermark (it costs $10 to remove it)


iTunes | Google Play 

The first part of Photography Apps for Realtors featured Adobe Photoshop Express. This time I am looking at an alternative in terms of functionality and editing options. Snapseed by Google is a professional photo editing app with options such as:

  • adjust exposure, white balance, shadows, highlights, sharpness, horizon
  • crop, rotate, transform
  • brush, heal
  • add enhancements to specific areas of your photos
  • dust and dirt removal
  • ad-free!
snapseed 2
Snapseed Tools

Snapseed has no shortage of filters. You can use multiple filters on one picture, copy what you have done, and apply it to another snap. If you decide that some of the stacked filters are not fitting you can go back and remove it (sort of like layers in Photoshop). The app is available on both Android and iOS. Development of RAW DNG images is available only on the latest Android devices. It can be installed on an SD card, in case you use more than one device (if take pictures with a phone but wish to edit on a tablet).

Crop and filter options

Despite rich editing options, Snapseed’s main advantage seems to be its user-friendly interface. It has made the app very popular among users who are not skilled in photo editing. Carlos E. Ramirez, one of many satisfied users, says:

Amazing! This is the go to photo editing app. The only one that used to exceed its capabilities was PS Touch. Other apps apply gimmicky filters to your images, this app truly lets you edit your images. I used to spend hours in the darkroom trying to achieve the results that this app gives one with a few taps on the screen!


  • rich editing options
  • user-friendly interface
  • you can save editing templates to use on different photos


  • development of RAW DNG images only on Android

Pixlr | iTunes | Google Play 

What kind of a list would it be if it did not include rivals? Pixlr and Snapseed share user-friendly interfaces, tools and adjustments, and a free price tag. Where do they differ? Since I have already written about Snapseed’s features let me go ahead and inspect Pixlr in all its forms.

pixlr web
Web version

Pixlr can be accessed not only on Android and iOS devices, but also via a web browser or by direct installation on your laptop/PC. Naturally, browser and desktop/laptop versions are more complex in terms of functionality. However, the mobile version has a lot to offer, especially in comparison to Snapseed.

  • For starters, Pixlr on both Android and iOS versions takes up less space than respective versions of Snapseed
  • Pixlr allows you to add text captions to images and create collages
  • You can choose between the AutoFix feature or take control with in-depth tools
  • Pixlr also comes with a free database of frames and stickers
  • Red eye removal is a standard function
iPhone app

The bottom line is that Pixlr and Snapseed are both very useful apps and it is up to you which one gets to stay. Pixlr can be accessed on multiple systems/devices, but it is not available on tablets and the ad-free version will deprive you of $2 via an in-app purchase (Snapseed is naturally ad-free and Google offers it for free as well).


  • accessible on multiple devices
  • takes up less space than Snapseed


  •  not available on tablets
  • you need to pay for an ad-free version – $2

Evernote Scannable


Evernote is a life saving app, that needs no extra introduction.

Dealing with paperwork is one of those hoops realtors have to jump through every day. Luckily, I have an app for that! Evernote has been my lifesaver for many years now. With its additional ‘Scannable’ software for smartphones, day-to-day managing of documents, business cards, contacts and notes got a lot easier.

evernote scanner

Evernote Scannable is the bridge between you and all your various paperwork. Some of the perks include:

  • Capture whiteboard meeting notes with Evernote Scannable and share them with you team via Evernote, e-mail, or send it to print
  • Scan and send documents and contracts on-the-go. There is no need for playing mail clerk anymore.
  • New contact? Evernote Scannable recognises all the information in a business card, sorts it, saves it to your contact list and pairs it with the respective LinkedIn profile.
  • There is more. Scannable automatically crops and rotates, plus it lets you search for information within the document and export it to a PDF.
Evernote Scannable

Michael Rose reviewed the app for Engadget:

Scannable’s value is the streamlined, single-tasker approach it takes to getting things captured quickly and in a near-touchless manner.

There are alternatives in the form of scan apps, but Evernote’s seamless performance tops the list. Unfortunately for Android users, Scannable is only available on iOS.


  • works with Evernote
  • scans business cards and connects to Linkedin
  • exports PDFs


  • not available on Android

Every single day a new app comes out and I’m tempted to test it. But at the end of the day, I know I’ll never use them all and instead I’ll choose one or two to help me stay productive. Maybe some of these will become a staple in your every day work, but maybe they won’t fit your needs at all. In any case, there are so many of them out there, that really all you need to do is choose.

What is your favourite photo app? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Nice list of apps. I’m glad you’ve included Pixlr, I use it for certain adjustments and color correction, works great. You can also use it as a collage maker.
    As photo app for real estate professionals, I would also recommend PhotoMarks.
    It’s designed to protect your property images by adding text or logo watermarks.

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