Top 20 Real Estate Podcasts

Top 20 Real Estate Podcasts

This selection of podcasts for Real Estate professionals and rookies covers marketing, commercial real estate, interviews with industry veterans and accomplished investors and investing in general. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere at anytime. Couldn’t find your favourite show on the list? Let everyone know in the comments about it.

BiggerPockets Podcast


The BiggerPockets show has a couple of hosts. Joshua Dorkin is the founder and the CEO of, the famous social media network for real estate agents, investors, newbies and industry leaders. Brandon Turner, VP of Growth and Communications at BP, has been in real estate since he was 21 and aside from blogging and recording podcasts he is also a published author. Both are active investors and vivid personas whose web is visited by millions of people annually.

Listen to their highest ranking podcast here.

Old Dawg’s REI Network


Phrases that would best describe the host of Old Dawg’s podcast Bill Manassero are ‘It’s never too late’ and ‘the older the better’. Bill was 60 years old when he learned about passive income and real estate investing. In 2014 he purchased his first 3 properties and just last year acquired a 22-unit apartment building. Bill interviews real estate experts and hopes to help you create passive income regardless of your age.

Listen to his podcast here.

The Real Estate Guys


The first episode of Robert’s and Russell’s show was aired on radio in 1997! Robert Helms is a professional investor and Russell Gray works as a financial strategist. They are a couple of entertaining hosts who deliver hype-free real estate education in the form of a weekly podcast. If you are looking for an expert advice, guaranteed by longevity, this is it.

Find the podcast here.

Joe Fairless


Meet Joe Fairless, the real estate superman who, in addition to controlling $54,000,000 in property, was the youngest VP in a NYC Ad agency and raised $1,000,000 from private investors in his first multi-family deal (which “ain’t typical” according to his web). Need more proof of his qualification to teach you about real estate?

Listen to an episode of his podcast here.

Breakthrough Real Estate Podcast


The podcast hosted by Rob and Sandy is aimed specifically at the Canadian real estate market. Rob Break is a passionate Salesperson with Re/Max in Durham Region. Sandy MacKay leads the MacKay Realty Advisors team in Hamilton, Ontario and is also active as an investor. The show has enjoyed a period of steady growth over the last few years and anyone who wishes to jump in on the train of real estate investment should do so right here and right now.

Click here to listen to an episode of the podcast.

The Lifetime Cashflow


Rod Khleif’s resumé is so interesting that you will want to say “I’ll have what he’s having”. He did not become one of the best real estate professionals in the US to keep to himself. So, when you meet a guy who has personally owned and managed over 2,000 apartments and homes, you listen to him. The Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate is not a fable, it is a true story.

Listen to Rod here.

 Epic Real Estate


Why Epic? Because Matt Theriault has 14 years worth of know-how. He built small real estate empire without spending his own money and discovered the knack for simplifying the complicated along the way. However, this is much more than just another real estate podcast. Matt provides step-by-step manual to acquiring and managing properties, generating profits and most importantly financial education.

Listen to the podcast here.

Super Agents Live

8 Agents Live

Tom Ferry, Mike Ferry, Gary Vaynerchuck and lots more of super successful people spoke to Toby Salgado, the host of Super Agents Live. Toby is an entrepreneur who first conducted business when he was only 9 and never went back. He became a millionaire by the age of 35 and nowadays ventures in technology, software and finance. If you are looking for inspiration and success stories then this is your show, but don’t be surprised when you find much more.

Find the SuperAgents podcast here.

Just Start Real Estate


Do you know what is the best way to eat? Small portions, several times a day. Mike Simmons knows this very well. His podcast is divided into 5 portions throughout the week. Mondays are dedicated to interviews with a successful real estate investor and Tuesday to Friday are reserved for actionable advice and tips. Mike’s experienceranges from flipping houses, being a landlord to conducting overseas deals. Considering he has only started a few years ago Mike does impressive job.

Listen to the podcast here.

The Real Estate Insider

The Real Estate Insider

The host of the show is a Canadian real estate veteran and the author of the all-time best-selling real estate book in Canadian history Don R. Campbell. Don is currently with Real Estate Investment Network as Senior Analyst. His podcast offers expert market analysis backed by research.

Hear it for yourself here.


The Real Estate Marketing Show


If you think you don’t need a professional photographer for your listings visit this site. Can we get back to proper marketing solutions now? Good, this audio/video podcast is the place to start. The host, George Cuevas focuses solely on real estate marketing. He has years of expertise to back him up and numerous satisfied clients’ testimonials.

Listen to George’s valuable tips on video marketing, building online presence, listings marketing and more here.

Real Estate Marketing Guide


Ever heard of Referral Marketing, Transactional Marketing, and Cold Marketing? No? Educate yourself now, before it’s too late. If you are already familiar with these terms, you should listen to this podcast anyway because there is much more to it. Mike Cuveas runs a marketing training university and is the developer of Attracktor, a real estate marketing training center.

Listen to the Real Estate Marketing Dude here.

Marketing Genius


The hosts Matt Barba (Forbes 30 Under 30 Tech Entrepreneur, CEO Placester) and Seth Price (Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker) are interesting enough already to make you listen to their podcasts, but if you still in doubt here’s a list of their guests: Lisa Archer (CEO of Live Love Homes), Tom Ferry, Eric Simon (Founder of The Broke Agent) and many more.

You can find the podcast here.

Real Estate Uncensored


Both tech savvy and inexperienced real estate agents will want to listen to this podcast. A couple of knowledgeable real estate agents from the Bay Area have a lot to say about today’s high-tech solutions. Never ever should you think you already know everything, because if Greg and Matt can find valuable content for 3 episodes per week then you need to find 3 hours a week to listen to them. Greg is a 15-year real estate veteran and partner at McDaniel/Callahan Real Estate, his co-host Matt Johnson is also a real estate veteran and CEO at his own PR firm.

Listen to his insights here.

Small Business Big Marketing


Let’s be honest. Most real estate agents run small real estate operations and the marketing budget is nothing exceptional. But that doesn’t mean you can’t advertise your services. Quite the opposite! The smaller the resources, the bigger the creativity needs to be! Tim Reid’s show subtitle reads ‘Insanely Effective Marketing Ideas’. So, there you have it. Effective, not expensive. Tim is a marketing veteran, he spent 20 years at couple of Australia’s most renowned ad agencies managing clients such as Gillette, Yellow Pages, or Diners Club.

You can listen to his podcast here.

Real Estate Uncut

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“Are you marketing yourself correctly?” asks one of the ‘Real Estate Uncut’ episodes. And there’s no right answer to the question. Something always changes, so never take your strategy for granted and improve it constantly.

Start by listening to the right stuff here.

The Commercial Real Estate Show


The Commercial Real Estate Show™ is a weekly one hour show about business and commercial real estate related topics. The show is known for high-quality content delivered in a professional enlightening style. Catch one episode and you’re hooked. This is no infomercial.


This is current and actionable market and business intelligence and you can listen to it here.

Commercial Real Estate Podcast


100% Canadian. 100% Commercial. Aaron Cameron and Adam Powadiuk will be you your guides through the Canadian Commercial Real Estate. Aaron has 8 years of experience at the Commercial Real Estate department at First National Financial LP and Adam is a Business Development Manager with First National Financial LP, the largest non-bank lender in Canada.

Listen to their show here.

Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank


Michael’s commercial real estate podcast will teach you how to invest in apartment buildings and raise money from private individuals. If you are serious about real estate then this is the place to start. Apartment Building Investing is one of those podcasts suitable for those with zero experience. What is more, even for those without money or good credit.

Listen to his podcast here.


The #AskGaryVee Podcast




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