Reaching a worldwide audience with

Reaching a worldwide audience with

Torontoism team are the first at Sotheby’s International Realty Canada to use, an agency which helps agents promote their listings internationally.

At the moment, ListGlobally collaborates with 122 different real estate portals around the world, allowing agents to give their listing an international presence. The company was launched in 2010 in Australia and over the years joined forces with a couple of international real estate portals, such as EdenHome and WorldPosting.




We work closely with multiple international real estate agencies and we advertise on a couple of international websites, such as, The Wall Street Journal, JamesEdition,, so adding ListGlobally with its impressive reach to buyers around the globe was a natural decision for us. It will help us deliver real estate marketing of even greater quality to our clients.

How ListGlobally Works

Once we’ve set up your account at ListGlobally it automatically pulls all our new listings from the MLS. We’re in control of which listings are promoted, so we can select the properties we wish to publish on international portals supported by ListGlobally.

ListGlobally will automatically translate our listings into 16 languages and publish it on major real estate websites around the world.

  • We can track the number of views, the origin of users and leads in our account on ListGlobally.
  • We can check how our listings look on each of the published portals.
  • We can edit our listings details at any time during the promotion
  • We can print reports for our clients.

International is what Torontoism is about and we’re always happy to try new technologies and connect the rest of the world with Toronto, the most diverse city in the world.

As Listglobally says: “The real estate market is always local. Our audience is global.”


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