6 Even Cooler Gadgets for a Modern REALTOR®

In the second part of this tech series I would like to introduce you to some fresh, mind blowing inventions, that will take your performance a step further. Let this article bring you even further into the fascinating world of gadgets that will make your work as a realtor so much more awesome and fun!

Fresh New Technology in Real Estate: Matterport

Using 3D imaging technology, Matterport allows online visitors to virtually “walk” through a property just like they would virtually “walk” around a city using Google Street View. And although “3D walkthrough” tours have existed for years, this is the first piece of real estate technology that really allows users to control how the experience a property when they’re looking at it online.

7 Really Cool Gadgets for a Modern Realtor

Just last week, a fellow agent told me that gadgets will never replace a skilled agent. I absolutely agree. However, I believe that gadgets can make our lives as real estate agents much easier and inspire us to cater to our clients in ways we wouldn’t have dreamt of before! How? Let me show you!

Richard Silver’s Guide to CASL for Real Estate Agents

Every day it seems I get two kinds of email about CASL (Canada’s AntiSpam Legislation). As the outgoing president of TREB and a lifelong technology early adopter people want to know my thoughts, so I thought I’d lay them out here for everyone to see. If you are a lawyer and think differently, feel free to chime in in the comments. I’m not a lawyer so while these are my considered thoughts, please engage legal counsel if you feel need it.

Top 5 Travel Apps

These apps were designed to make our lives considerably easier, and we have to admit that they’ve done their job well! Never before has travelling the globe been so hassle-free.

Top 5 Netflix Shows to Survive the Toronto Winter

It is very hard to go outside and frolic in the snow when even our dog seems happier sitting on the couch, looking at the fire and watching NETFLIX. What did we do before Netflix? This year, at our house we got rid of all the cable TV extra. We have gone to basic cable and are using our Netflix whenever the time allows.

10 Features of the Home of the Future

Is this the future that’s waiting for us in the next generation of housing? Some contemporary architects and companies working in the real estate and construction industry are already coming up with concepts that might not be quite as sci-fi as you think. This article presents the most amazing features we’ll find in our houses in the not-too-distant future.