Toronto's Wake Up Call:"What Week Is This?"

Toronto's Wake Up Call:"What Week Is This?" 1No matter what part of the GTA you live in, there is one morning a week when you can hear that refrain in every home: “Garbage Day!! What week is this?”

Nothing gets you scurrying to the windows faster than to see what the neighbors have put out; Recycling, Garbage and is it leaf day? What if the neighbors are wrong? The Leaves can sit there for a month!

Usually someone heads to the kitchen drawer where the calendar was last seen…it’s not there! Someone heads to the utility room…or is it in the garage? Help!

A Great Idea;

The City of Toronto Solid Waste Management Division has a year-at-glance Calendar that you can download from their web site by clicking here.

You can check the area of the City that you live in, download the schedule to your computer, print out 10 copies and leave it all over the house. My favourite area is actually in the garage above the garbage bins.

Then you can avoid that eerie wake up call…sadly, the garbage still has to get to the curb!!

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