Cabbagetown Community Update: January 2009

Cabbagetown Community Update: January 2009 1There are a couple of great posts this morning and one really needs our attention: The Cabbagetown Youth Centre is in need of a new roof. Let’s get the word out and see what kind of Community support we can get. The Centre has done great work over the years and needs our attention.

Secondly, It looks as if Cranberries, one of my favourite spots for comfort food is going up-market. The signage has changed and they have opened a new Room 601, with a new menu. Check it out but also remember that their wings and pot roast make those cold winter nights more bearable. It is also a great place to catch up with the neighborhood gossip…and friends.

If you have any news on either of these posts please keep us all up-to-date by leaving a comment below.

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