Toronto Boulevard / Front Yard Parking Information

istock_000000856337xsmallThe Toronto Real Estate Board had a great post on the MLS System that is important for all homeowners in the City with Boulevard or Front Yard Parking. At last, The City of Toronto has made information on properties that are licensed for “Front Pad” parking on its web site. However, please note that “The City has advised that a license for boulevard parking does not follow the property, and that new property owners need to apply to have the license agreement transferred.”


That information is available to all on their web site at On that site go to “parking”, then “off-street Parking”, then “licensed locations”.


There is a list of properties, whether they are licensed and if they are licensed for one or two cars. Please visit this list and make sure it is up-to-date as far as your property is concerned. There are a lot of Sellers who assume that the license is up-to-date until they get ready to sell and then get caught up in the red tape of City Hall. Lack of parking can be a deal breaker!


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