Cabbagetown: Darrell Kent Remembered

darrell-kent1This is my favorite photo of Darrell Kent. It was taken only minutes before he died, 20 years ago. He was on holiday in Brazil, had a drink in one hand, a cigarette in the other and minutes later had a massive aneurysm that took his life. He had been living with a Brain tumour for the preceding two years and knew that an unpleasant time was awaiting him as the tumour grew.

It was so appropriate of Darrell who loved a good time, had a boisterous laugh and at the same time was one of the most Community oriented people you would ever meet. He loved Cabbagetown and since the early seventies had been a force in the Community, renovating houses, working as a Realtor, and then leading a brokerage firm that stretched from Cabbagetown, to the Beach, to Bloor West Village and Bloor/Bathurst. He had great vision and saw in the Community, houses and people what they could be. He was the Cabbagetown Community cheerleader, doing whatever he could to encourage the atmosphere that he grew up with in small-town Saskatchewan.

A small group of us met for breakfast at Chew-Chew’s on Carlton Street at Sherbourne and had a couple of hours laughing and talking about the “old days and told Darrell stories”.  We all realized that we gained from knowing and working with him. He loved life, loved to Party, but as one guest said, he knew the right time to leave the Party too!

If you have any Darrell stories to add to this post please feel free to comment below.

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3 Replies to “Cabbagetown: Darrell Kent Remembered”

  1. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years. A very dynamic and charismatic man with vision. I still think of him fondly, and am appreciative of the start he gave me.
    Cheers Darrell!

  2. Seeing that picture brings tears to my eyes! Oh how I miss my Darrell Kent days! Even though Darrell was a powerhouse in Real Estate and extremely successful in surrounding himself with the best people in the business, he was the kindest, most generous man I’ve ever met. There wasn’t a day that he didn’t have kind words to say and I don’t think I ever heard him raise his voice.

    To Darrell, his 8 offices were his family and he always let you feel like that. I remember in my dark days of a marital separation, he insisted that my son and I join him, his family and guests at his Port Hope home for Christmas to ensure that my son and I didn’t feel any lacking. That spells Darrell all over.

    I could go on and on about fond memories of his short-lived life. The only thing that I can say is an old cliche “Only the Good Die Young!”

    A man sorely missed.

    Trish DeSantos
    Sales Representative
    Realty Executives Plus Ltd.

  3. My favorite time with Darrell and his favorite line to me was….
    YOU GOING TO WORK HARD! BUT you gotta remember to play hard too.

    Miss him a lot and think of him often

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