Toronto's Garbage Problem….Garbage Bins Take Over Our Victorian Landscape Downtown!

Garbage Bins Take Over Over Victorian Landscape Downtown!
Garbage Bins Take Over Over Victorian Landscape Downtown!

Sunday is one of my favourite mornings. We get up early, get the dog on his lead, grab a few fetch-balls and of course, poop bags, and head over to the Lower Riverdale Park with a quick stop at Jet Fuel Cafe’ for our Latte’s. Every second week our neighbor Helen and her dog join us and we have a longer walk to the Brickworks or through Riverdale and the Danforth.

This last week the three of us could not get over the Garbage containers that have taken over the landscape. Downtown Toronto is full of Victorian Homes which are mostly semi-detached or attached and are on streets that seldom have back alleys and if they do, they are seldom passable with garbage trucks. So now instead of looking at Victorian detail we were busy looking at the Garbage containers in front of homes. Try as they might, they are hard to hide and are a blight on the beautiful Downtown Streets that we have known for years.

Were our Aldermen asleep in Downtown Toronto?

How could this have happened? Before moving ahead with this monumental change in the City’s Garbage program were there no test areas (the program started in Scarborough)? I have heard that certain streets have been given exemptions, after the fact, and have been able to go back to bags, however they have to go and buy special tags from Home Depot or local Hardware Stores.

Were we asleep?

At the same time the City has hit us with a Tax increase, they are also passing on the cost of Garbage to the Homeowner. It is now outside of the Property Taxes when before it was part of the included. Isn’t that a Tax Hike?

Mr. Miller has also increased the licensing fee for your car in the 416 Region, yet another tax. They have brought in a second Land Transfer Tax within the Toronto City limits which has put a further cost on Toronto Homeowners.

What about all the Ontarians living in the bedroom communities that come to the City everyday to earn their money, using our garbage services and our roads. In New York City when faced with the same issues, the City added an income tax payable where you work. Why should those of us who live in Downtown Toronto keep paying for services for those who come here to earn but do not pay taxes here?

It is time to wake up and look at some alternatives, especially with a Mayor and Councillors who want to penalize car and homeowners.

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  1. When I lived in New Hampshire it seemed as though dumpsters had become the new lawn ornaments. Trash was picked up by private contractors and I was appalled at how many in town thought a dumpster right out front was a-ok. If I had lived there longer I would have agitated more about it. Luckily I am back in the land of regulations and municipal curbside pickup. Your houses look lovely – I hope the trash barrel problem gets addressed.

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