Common Sense is missed at City Council

istock_000002664549xsmallMayor Miller keeps trying to re-invent Toronto as a Bike Friendly City…he forgets that 4 or 5 months of the year it is not prudent to drive a Bicycle. It is called WINTER! Let’s have Bike month in January or February and see what support he gets. Until then we need to focus attention in rapid transit that is available 12 months a year.

Last night the City voted to close one lane of Jarvis Street to Cars and make Jarvis Street more Bike friendly. How about spending that money fixing some of the existing roadways that are potholed? It is all gamesmen-ship at City Hall and the homeowner and car owner are losing…with David Miller as Mayor, get used to more of it! Maybe if we created a Homeowner and Car owner Union we would have more say at City Hall.

When are we going to get angry enough?? Note the photo Mayor Miller and Mr. Rae? It is called WINTER.

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    We need
    someone that will encourage business opportunities including infrastructure
    , tax incentives to encourage business relocations to Toronto, a reduction
    in the LTT to encourage real estate activity, to encourage the reasonable
    movement of traffic, by road and by public; and, one that doesn’t waste
    money as in our new garbage cans throughout the city (the one’s on city
    sidewalks with the step pedal) – argh! At the same time preserving cultural
    heritage in a reasonable manner, encouraging the appropriate development of
    our waterfront (from private funds), and maintaining existing services,
    parks, and roads. It’s a BIG job.

    Coming home from downtown today along Dundas, Gerrard, and Eastern was not a
    single bicycle, but there was a lot of traffic slowed by the reduction to
    one lane in each direction – it does not work. I can understand one street
    with a bike lane but all 3 plus the Lakeshore is ridiculous. This anti-car
    sentiment will drive out businesses eventually.

  2. It would also mean that you have to get rid of all the
    parking on the street too…There was a lot of argument about the bicycle lane from Bloor West to
    Bloor East all the way to Kennedy Road..Saying that
    the traffic is bad enough as it is.. Especially on
    the main road..

  3. One block over from Jarvis, we have Sherbourne with bike lanes. We need Jarvis to move traffic in and out of the city during rush hours. Idling cars produce pollution, that’s a given. Apparently, City Council says research shows that removing one lane will only increase rush hour travel time by six minutes???? Who on earth are they kidding??? I DARE them to test travel times right now.. then close down the centre lane for one week, and see how much longer the travel times are. The expense of changing Jarvis would be better spent on road repairs!

    City Hall has proven to be such a failure in my eyes. So much is broken, and yet they’re spending tax dollars fixing things which aren’t.

  4. They are spending way too much money on the GM FORD
    AND CHRYSLER CAR: TAXPAYERS FOOT THE BILL.. They should be concerned about the roads and give up on this too..!! Lets get to work on the city of Toronto
    and stop all the nonsense..

  5. I support David Miller and City of Toronto council’s drive to give more priority to pedestrians, cyclists and transit. New York City, Copenhagen, Portland, and Melbourne amongst others are transforming their cities from the 1960’s ideal of cars and the American suburban dream, to more livable, healthy and sustainable places to live, work and play. Mobility planning is the new jargon. We need to change from a roads department + TTC + bike committee + sidewalk department . More people are choosing to live downtown. Check out the work of urban thinker/designer/architect Jan Ghel who gave an excellent lecture at the DX last week. It was standing room only.

    Great neighbourhoods we love in Toronto were built before the advent of the car – think about it. Cabbagetown and the Annex flourished with out cars. The downtown neighbourhoods should be championing a more walkable city. So many drivers are just passing through. Car ownership in Manhattan is limited – today using a car only on weekends to go to the country. Car Share, Bike share and walking to shop make sense. Bread made fresh, always tastes best anyway.

    That said, I guess it will take energy price increases controlled by OPEC, to punish the slow learners. It is time to re-imagine urban mobility. Live close to work and play.

  6. Thanks for your comments and there is much I agree with…However, we should be focused on Mass transit first and foremost as the Solution. The bicycle is not going to cut it long term. I work from home and am a huge walker, but I know that is not the solution either. Make the large City access roads Toll Roads and use the money to build more transit!

  7. Yes I would like to know why Miller and buddies can bike lane every street yet Cyclists get a FREE RIDE at taxpayer expense! It costs lots of money to Bike lane all these streets and citizens of Toronto are being forced to license everything else from pets to cars and fees on everything like bags etc. BUT do bike riders need a license NO do they pay a dime for any of this or need to pass a road test NO. Clearly the bike rider is KING with Miller! Kids pools can be closed but bike lane construction will go forward on every street in Toronto and they will get a free ride at everyone elses expense. what a place this has become.

  8. Well said.
    Also, why do you and I have to wear seat belts in our cars, getting ticketed if we don’t but there is no law that bike riders HAVE to wear helmuts?
    Accidents happen; most adult bike riders do not wear helmuts, but we all pay for the health care that they need.
    Last year when a friend’s car got hit by a bicycle rider who did not slow through an intersection, “the accident was totally the car driver’s fault” the Police said. Luckily the Bike Rider did not sue. He was “stoned” at the time and wanted no part of Police involvement. I wonder if the new laws about driving intoxicated also cover bicycle riders.

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