Urbandog Celebrates Five Years

best-cakeAbout three years ago we got a dog and were thrilled to find that “just down the street” at 37 Parliament Street, there was Urbandog…a full service doggy daycare and spa! It’s a fun place (those are Beau’s words) and Susan & Eric did all the research to make it a great experience for dog and owner. Downtown Toronto’s Doggie Daycare!!

There are a number of young and energetic pack leaders to make it an incredible experience for pups young, old, big and small. They have Training Classes at night and you can use their grooming services by appointment. I’d be happy to have the life that our dog has…and have been a vocal supporter of the Urbandog vision.urbandogparty

Today was the 5th anniversary and everyone (dogs included) were invited to join in the treats and good cheer.

I have had 4 dogs before Beau but having Urbandog around has been an incredible support. Check them out at www.Urbandog.ca and make sure that you check out the web cams. You’ll want to join in the fun.may-31-2009-013urbandoglogo

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  1. That is a great pix of Benoit and Beau.. It is a
    great idea… You can tell that Beau loves Benoit.. and it is a great idea to have the slides.. Do the
    dogs go down the slide Richard..THANKS RICHARD FOR

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