Toronto: The Danforth Rocks!

istock_000001774859xsmallLast Saturday night, the sixth day of the 2009 Toronto Garbage Strike, I was with friends on the Danforth for dinner (Mezes at 456 Danforth Avenue: the BEST!). The street was packed with people enjoying the weather, eating outside, promenading, window shopping and the streets were cleaner than ever. There was no sign of a Garbage Strike anywhere.

I don’t know whether it is the local Business Improvement Area but it looks as if the Stores and Restaurants were trying very hard to make sure that they streets were spotless.

The other main street that I frequent is Parliament Street in Cabbagetown. There is one regular worker who goes up and down the street and picks up what people drop. He is a great guy but…I guess he is now on strike.  Personally, I don’t understand why the need is there in the first place but educated people seem not be able to get garbage in the containers that are on every block on Parliament Street.

In the residential area, residents seem to be able to keep the litter to a minimum but on the business section there is a lot of mess.  The business owners do not get it? The better that the street looks, the more people will want to shop there. It is not Rocket Science. I don’t know what the answer is, but if every store owner came out front and cleaned their sidewalks and their gutters, we would be well on the way to making a difference. Maybe  we can enlist Mayor David Miller and his famous broom! He brandished it when came to power saying he would clean up Toronto!

Take a drive over to the Danforth and you’ll be impressed. Let’s see if we can spread the movement as this may be a long strike. In the meantime…The Danforth Rocks!

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  1. That is great RICHARD.. Hope it catches on with the other parts of Toronto.. But it seems that the picketers seem to get in the way..!! Mayor Miller certainly did clean up Toronto by giving in to the UNIONS!! If every store owner pitched in and helped
    than maybe we can have a cleaner Toronto..

    Some of the garbage containers are sealed with tape
    so that you can’t put your garbage in them..Mayor Miller said that you should take your garbage with you.

  2. As many residents of Toronto face the challenges that the current garbage strike has left them, one man has taken a new approach to a solution. Roofer Dave of Toronto has suspended his regular business tasks, and now offers residents a way to get rid of their trash in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Trash is collected for merely five dollars per twenty pound bag and taken to licenced disposal facilities for disposal (NOT THE CITY TEMPORARY DUMP SITES) Dave’s plan is to ease the pain residents are feeling not add to it. According to Roofer Dave, “We are currently working on recycling efforts to divert as much as we can from land fills. We will have more on this as facilities get back to us.” Finding Roofer Dave on his route is easy, simply follow @fivebucksabag on Twitter to see where and when he may be in your neighbourhood or contact him through his web site at

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