Cabbagetown Controversy: To Seat or Not To Seat!!

Cabbage isolated on white backgroundWhat would a community like Cabbagetown be like without a good controversy?

Over the past few weeks there have been rumblings in the Cabbagetown Community about a plan being put forward by the Old Cabbagetown Business Improvement Area (OCBIA) called Cabbagetown 2.0. You can find the full report at (click on the Cabbage) but the discussion mostly seems to be centered mostly around a seating plan that would affect the east side of Winchester at Parliament (North and South), Carlton Street (North and South) east of Parliament, and Spruce Street at Parliament Street. (Click here to view the street plan)

The OCBIA has mentioned the controversy on their Blog as has the opposite side (Concerned Cabbagetowners).

Some thoughts:

  • Like it or not, even without seating, there are groups that are meeting in those locations…will permanent seating make it worse or better?
  • The present BIA proposal suggest conversation-style seating around Chess Board tables. Would street-facing benches be better? The OCBIA Blog points to the bench outside Daniel et Daniel to bolster their case however that seating is bench style facing the street and does not encourage long visits. It has also been said that D&D take the benches down at night and what the BIA proposes would be there 24/7/365.
  • One part of the BIA proposal restricts the south side of Winchester Street in front of the Tim Horton’s where trucks and drivers unload. Try turning onto Winchester Street today without that restriction and imagine what losing the loading area would mean….probably getting caught half way through the intersection…

What are your views? Feel free to share!

Please remember…there is a big difference between dissent and dissension…

More on the discussion from the Globe and Mail.

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