Should Toronto City Workers Be Residents of Toronto?

istock_000001090904xsmallI wonder if we would be moving in to the fourth week of the Toronto City Worker’s Strike if all City workers had to be residents of the City of Toronto. If they all had the same services… or lack of… and also paid the ever-rising taxes of a City in deficit, maybe they would be less likely to strike or be more willing to settle. It should be a condition of employment that any City of Toronto employee have to reside within the City limits and pay their taxes here.

The deal that the City has offered the workers looks to be something that they should consider very seriously as they have very little support from the Citizenry, who seem committed to seeing the end of the “banked sick days”. The concept baffles most and seems to be too much of the old “pigs at the trough” philosophy. It is time for the workers to get back to work so that the City can get back to a semblance of normalcy for the rest of the summer.

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  1. I would love to see the councillors get the disability
    instead of sick days..and see how they would like it.. what does “Pigs in a trough” mean Richard..

    P.S how did the cleaning go on Saturday..It is

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