Toronto: Saturday Night on St. Clair Avenue West

AcquolinaLast Saturday night we dropped in on the new location of one of our favorite Italian restaurants: Acquolina Ristorante. They moved to 760 St. Clair Avenue West recently from their original on Mt. Pleasant Road. As usual, the food and service were great however…

It has been a while since I drove the length of St. Clair Avenue West from Yonge Street to Christie Avenue without construction…and now we could truly experience the finished product of the past three years, including special lanes for the TTC Trolleys….

Sadly, on a Saturday night at 6:30 PM (early eaters are we)…the street was vacant of any life. The St. Clair Avenue West BIA or Toronto City Council that proposed the rebuild of this vibrant area have really blown it. There used to be life on the Street, people sitting in sidewalk Cafes, shopping, strolling, etc.

I really hope that life will come back to the St. Clair Avenue West shopping area and it is just a timing issue for the neighborhood, especially since it seems that Eglinton Avenue West is next on the political  agenda…

Your thoughts on this are appreciated. Check out the changes on the street and at the same time…check out Acquolina Ristorante

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  1. Richard have you read the article on Twitter the
    business section of the…focusing on the
    fact that Twitter is being used for you
    agree withe this?? Thanks for the new restuarant

  2. Thanks Michael,

    No, I have not read the article but like it or not, Twitter is becoming much more used by business. However the great thing about the Social Media is, that it is permission based; if you don’t enjoy the information being sent it is really easy to unfollow….Much better than watching movies or TV and having advertising whether you choose it or not…permission based is the key!

  3. The St. Clair Avenue West BIA was vehemently opposed to the supposed “rebuild” along St. Clair. City council should have listened ……… St. Clair is in ruins!! Businesses have been forced to close….all in the name of a few minutes saved in a commute that wasn’t that bad to begin with ….but no more time to dwell on the past …. we need to rebuild and remind Toronto of all St. Clair has to offer….Acquolina being one bright spot out of many!

  4. What was once a vibrant community is now lacklustre and the Toronto City Council has other areas that they want to force the same format on. Time for a proper assessment of the changes to St. Clair West before they move ahead on any other plans…they have Eglinton, Jarvis and the Waterfront on their next streetscape agenda that I know of…

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