Toronto: The Best Time of the Year!

iStock_000009015788XSmallFor years friends have wondered why we stay home on long weekends and March break, and the last weeks of August….Sad to say but Toronto is at it’s best at those times…basically times when as many people are away as possible. Traffic decreases and with it the stress levels on the roads, streets and in the Restaurants….

Toronto becomes more livable, casual and an absolute treat. I feel sorry for some of my friends who have drive the 2-3 hours to cottage country and spend the weekend working on the property and entertaining friends. Not that I don’t enjoy the wonderful Ontario countryside but sometimes it is just a treat to move around this City unimpeded and do some exploring. Just being able to live a few days without the congestion that we have come to expect is almost as good as a Dufflet Chocolate Cake….well…

I guess the big question is…What does that say about how we live the other 330 days of the year???

Your thoughts and comments?

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  1. Richard, I’m quite curious about where you go to understand how much your normal exploration is impeded by the presence of people. Congestion is horrible, I couldn’t agree with you more, I just don’t think Toronto is that much more congested compared with other cities in the world. I also think the plethora of people walking along Queen (to name one busy area) adds to the vibrancy and allure of an area.

    Just my thoughts.

  2. You are right: when everyone is here there is a level of energy generated that most big cities do have…I guess it is because our lives are so “On the Go”! I like “night after” energy better…

    Maybe it is an age thing….yikes! Guess it’s like going to the movies and thinking “Gee that Movie Trailer music is really LOUD”.

    A sure sign of aging…

  3. haha maybe so. If you’ve been around the city long enough, I think you’re more than warranted to state that the city is increasingly getting crowded.

  4. If you take a walk through Rosedale.. and see all the
    beautiful gardens or just see the city… you RICHARD
    HAVE ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GARDENS IN YOUR OWN FRONT LAWN.. ! You said last summer that there are
    a lot of beautiful place you like to go too..wish you
    would say them again

  5. Richard,
    i couldn’t agree w/ you more.
    i love cottages and especially my friends who have cottages, but i’m a big city guy. and i love this city when it feels like there’s no one here but me (and you).
    i can’t believe sometimes how quick and easy it is to get around when’everbody’s gone’.
    no line-ups, no traffic jambs.., I love it.


  6. All my friends who have cottages and houses find that they spend most of the time working on one or the other…When people talk about those kinds of decisions, I suggest that one be a Condo. Makes life easier…

    We’ll have to continue the search for perfection George! You lead!

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