Toronto Real Estate: Neighbourhood in focus: the Beach

iStock_000000540603XSmallBeach, The Beaches or The Beach?

To locals in the Queen and Woodbine area, it is The Beach. Only the uninitiated call it The Beaches. And that is only a part of the east-end snobbery that other Torontonians can only dream of.

Among locals, one MUST live west of Woodbine. And God forbid if you live north of Gerrard.

Shorts and T-shirts on fabulous bodies abound but so do beer bellies and strollers. The old watering holes and pubs are being replaced by chic bakeries, Starbucks, all-day breakfasts and Laura Ashley-like gift stores.

Negatives: During the hot summer weather, your space will be taken over by throngs of tourists; while in winter, breezes off Lake Ontario are merciless.
Positives: No need to travel to beach destinations, you will be living there.
Imperatives: Dogs are a must, especially ones that can read signs — leash, no leash, leash, no leash.

If you are not exhausted or intimidated by all this posturing and want to live in a great area that feels like another country, one that has access to loads of parks, beaches, restaurants, bluffs, boating, swimming, canoeing, a thriving outdoor lifestyle at a casual pace, then The Beach is for you. However, be prepared to pay top dollar to be able to enjoy this carefree but simultaneously somewhat structured lifestyle.

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  1. Hey Richard and Beniot guess what LAST NIGHT EPISODE OF THE SHOW FLASHPOINT was the one where they showed the front of your house.. The long awaited episode….
    Just thought I would let you know..!! FRIDAY NIGHT..
    A WHOLE DAY OF WORK FOR 10 MINUTES…Where do you find the Laura Ashley type gift shops..

  2. WRONG!!

    “The Beaches” had been called that ever since I was a kid – we used to live there. I don’t like the new name – “The Beach”. So please don’t lord over other people (“Only the uninitiated call it The Beaches.”) who’ve known it as such.

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