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What follows is a quick article about Termites in Toronto from three years ago. Sadly, this problem is increasing  at a very fast rate and there is no end in site because the Termite Industry in Canada is still awaiting the approval of a much more efficacious liquid that would stop the Queen in her nest from multiplying…stay tuned however and read below:

Toronto is a great City and over the years we have had lots of groups come here to enjoy our diversity. One group that appeared in the 1930’s is growing by millions as we speak;  Termites.

These subterranean visitors cost millions and have been studied extensively. As a Downtown Realtor, I view them as ubiquitous as cavities and candy with no end in sight for eradication. You can move them away from your home but they are a continuous issue that need to be approached realistically and without fear. The best remedy is to get rid of any wood soil contact, get a termite warranty from some of the companies that offerthem, and like going to a dentist have regular check ups.

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  1. Termites are indeed a nasty pest. I am constantly surprised by the sizes of infestations that I come across on my termite eradication endeavors in Toronto…Old downtown homes are particularly prone to the termites menace.

  2. I understand that this might sound a little bit unorthodox for most of those who experience at least some kind of termite problems but believe it or not some exterminators do consider termite fumigation the magic bullet of stopping termites, especially if you are dealing with a really serious infestation and no other method will work. There are many factors that concern in controlling termites, but when there is no way you just have to poison all those insects once and for all.

    At least this is what a good friend of mine that works as a pest exterminator at Orkin told me.


  3. is it crazy to buy a house with old termite problem although it was treated and have annual treatment plan effective for 7 years by now?

  4. Yola, I think it is really important for you to keep an eye on the termites every year and learn as much as possible about them and treatment options: Like cavities in your mouth you have to always keep an eye on them, doesn’t mean that you don’t have nice teeth. You just have to keep an eye on them.

  5. Thank you Richard! I am just thinking isf it is OK to buy this sort of house. I was about to give an offer…
    From the one side it’s good that this problem is officially disclosed and the treatment is being done regulary. The seller says it’s a very widespraed issue in South Riverdale.
    From the other hand…, perhaps, it is better to look for another house without this sort of problem and to do a special inspection before buying.What do you think?

  6. Fumigation is a process that requires tenting an entire home and introducing it to a gas which works well in areas in the southern states where there are problems with formosan termites. The termites typically found in Ontario which are known to infest houses live in the soil under and around homes and dwellings. The fumigant gas will never penetrate these areas and therefor is just waste of time and money. I do treatments for termiters and know what to look for and where potential problems are likely to occur. My advice get an inspection done,try to buy a detached home,avoid extensions,be extra concerned with water issues and be sceptical of newly renovated areas which could be a seller attempting to hide termite damage.

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