Poop Patrol: The Ultimate Pooper Scooper

Poop Patrol: The Ultimate Pooper Scooper

"There will be [poop in] a birdbath and you're thinking, 'How did he do that!?'"

The winter keeps many of us indoors, looking at the snow in the backyard. It’s a tough time for dog owners, as we get lazy, and instead of evening walks, we let the dog out to poop in the backyard rather than on the neighbour’s grass, where we would, of course, pick it up… At home, it’s all too easy to leave our best friend’s little mess in the backyard to be up later.

This usually leaves me looking at a backyard covered in gifts that have been left by Beau. Fast forward to spring and those little gifts are the last item on my spring cleaning list. Three or four months of poop is a lot when you have a large dog or even small one! Luckily, this year, a fellow dog owner suggested I give Poop-Patrol a call.


“At Poop-Patrol, we pick up dog poop,”

the website states, and that’s exactly what owner Sue Millingen does when it’s her turn to scoop. Poop-Patrol has been helping pooped-out owners since 1999, and although Millingen isn’t the original owner, she definitely feels she is the “brainchild behind running it.” Millingen not only answers the phone line and takes care of the administrative work, but she also heads out to Barrie, Muskoka, and Orillia when duty calls.

Poop-Patrollers will head out to residential as well as commercial properties to scoop up pets’ poop! They provide one-time services as well as maintenance services and their prices vary according to service frequency, the number of dogs, and the size of the yard. For example, the listed price for the Regular Weekly Service for one dog is $15.75. The cost for the Daily Waste Removal Service, when a Poop-Patroller cleans a yard every weekday, is $100.00 per week, for up to three dogs. This service is only available in the GTA.

The Seasonal Yard Service is very popular in the spring, and Millingen stresses that this year is the busiest they’ve been since she’s worked with Poop-Patrol. At the end of winter, the snow melts and reveals what many pet owners avoided all winter long. The Spring Clean-Up Service is available at a rate of $3.00 per minute, with a minimum charge of 15 minutes, or $45.00.

This winter brought a considerable amount of snow, which created tall snow banks and new pooping places, with no thought to what might be hidden beneath them.

“There will be [poop in] a birdbath and you’re thinking, ‘How did he do that!?'”

Millingen laughs, talking about the odd places they’ve found poop.

Poop-Patrol removes the waste in a clean and safe way, careful to avoid cross-contamination. They use oxo-biodegradable bags, which are disposed of properly at the local landfill transfer station.

Millingen laughs and says she hopes to “maintain and grow cautiously” when it comes to the business.

photo 1
Patrollers in action!

“Every once in a while, we run into a horror story,”

Millingen says,

“But we all, or almost all, have dogs and understand the concept of picking up poop!”

To learn more about Poop-Patrol, visit http://www.poop-patrol.com.


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