The Wall Street Journal, Real Estate and Twitter – What Do These Three Things Have in Common?

The Wall Street Journal, Real Estate and Twitter – What Do These Three Things Have in Common?

Today I was featured and quoted in the Wall Street Journal as a rising Real Estate Twitter Star, which is a great honour! Some of you may ask, what does Twitter have to do with selling real estate? How much business could you get from Twitter?

twitter richard

But it's not just about searching for business, it's about building a profile and making yourself recognizable among all the other agents in your area. As you might have noticed, Torontoism is all about local Toronto information. I try to provide stories about great restaurants in the city, events and services, which I think would be useful to my readers. It's like building a big database of useful information, made for anyone to see what a great place Toronto really is. And in the end, it's about sharing this information with my followers and subscribers, so that it reaches a lot more people.

Twitter is all about having something to say. Everyone has an opinion, but if it's not somehow useful to the people following you, if it doesn't bring anything new to the table, no one is going to care. So if you want to be successful on Twitter, be sure you actually have something to say. Make sure you share something that's of real value to your readers - whether it's a Friday night restaurant tip or instructions on how to improve your home's appeal and therefore it's value on the market.

Add some personal touch to your tweets, because you don't want people thinking you're a bot that just keeps posting the same things over and over. And most importantly, build and maintain relationships with your followers. As I said for the WSJ,

subscribers may not be looking for homes now, but you want to be top of mind when they do.


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  1. Deidra

    Very cool! And great use of the push & pull marketing strategy.
    I love the show Million Dollar Listing New York and I agree with Fredrik Eklund, Instagram is more effective; it offers visualization and sound, important factors in marketing.

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