The Fuss about UBER

The Fuss about UBER

Don’t be afraid of disintermediation, feel challenged!

Toronto seems to be up in arms about UBER and there is so much misinformation out there and so many opinions that I have decided to add my thoughts to the discussion.

“dis·in·ter·me·di·a·tion: reduction in the use of intermediaries between producers and consumers” is happening a lot these days and in all sorts of businesses, real estate included and it is called competition and a free market.

Now along comes UBER. Four years ago I was introduced to UBER by a friend in New York City. We were way Downtown with no access to easy transportation back to mid-town. My friend took out his iPhone and touched the app and within a few minutes received a text that a taxi was waiting outside. We hopped in and when we got to our location he did not have to handle any money, but said goodbye to the driver, it automatically sent him a receipt including the map of the streets travelled and asked us to rate the cleanliness of the car and the driver’s acumen and presentation. I became a UBER convert and have since travelled to many cities and tried the UBER Black Car as well as the UBER SUV when we had a large group.

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It has mostly been a great experience and when I had an issue with one UBER Taxi driver, it refunded my money and customer service was excellent.

I admit to not having tried UBER X but would be happy to do so. I think the idea of UBER Pool is excellent especially in a City that has massive transit problems made worse by a 3 or more HOV lane imposed recently.

I have always loved competition. It brings out the best. The Toronto taxi business should rise to the occasion and not try to shut UBER down. Provide great experiences and give people the choice and let the consumer make the decision. The cream does rise to the top! Don’t be afraid of disintermediation, feel challenged!


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  1. UBER is awesome. I use it for showings downtown if I don’t feel like fighting traffic and driving around the block 30 times looking for parking with clients in the car. I can order the uber car while we’re leaving the showing property and by the time I put the key away and make it to the lobby the car is usually waiting for us. I can use it several times in the span of a few hours and it doesn’t cost much more than parking and is way less hassle.

  2. Other large cities have figured this out and introduced progressive TNC regulations. TNC stand for transportation network company. In those markets, insurers have introduced policies for TNC drivers. Thus addressing the two largest issues people always cite re Uber, regulation and insurance. I don’t understand why Toronto doesn’t look at these models and get on with modernization of the system here.

  3. I’m for uber and change but they are not paying the massive fees that taxi companies do. It’s not fair that a guy has to pay licensing fees, zoning restrictions, and then has to pay double insurance or more. Both companies should have the same fee structure. Just as any agent or brokerage should.

  4. Uber X is just as good as the other Uber services. I’ve used it many times in San Fran and the service has always been excellent and fast. I have yet to have a driver that is not friendly and courteous.

  5. With new technology comes change. It wasn’t too long ago video stores were on every corner. For better or worse this is simply a fact of life.

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