Are Baby Boomers Salespeople Being Pushed Out?

Are Baby Boomers Salespeople Being Pushed Out?

I joined an interesting panel discussion at Banff Western Connection 2017. The debate question was are baby boomers salesmen pushed out? Here’s my ‘against’ argument.

I am a boomer, senior citizen, and I have been selling property since before my colleague Amie was born!

In my business life, I have been involved in technology and social media. They are major parts of my business. Constant change is also part of our business. The question is, wether you are engaging in the change or running from it.

The cohort you were born in has nothing to do with your engagement.

We need each other. Millennials need baby boomers and vice versa. We have the experience and skill and, hopefully, have developed “patience”. We compliment each other.

I Am Too Old to Change

Is it real or fear of the unknown? Is it an easy excuse that I can use for not succeeding? Agents don’t age they just grow LIST-less.

Entrepreneurial agents continue to innovate, looking for new opportunities. Millennials in your office or on your team can provide access to a younger marketplace. Use their skills.

My tips to stay on top regardless of age:

  • Do what you do best and what you don’t…OUTSOURCE!

  • Bring in millennials and get to know them. Learn what drives them to buy or sell.

  • Develop a Team approach: If you know your strengths you can fill service gaps.

  • Develop a strong niche to set yourself apart.

  • Decide that if the pie is getting smaller, you need a bigger piece.

  • Expand your activities if your client base is dwindling.

  • Always be relevant and ENGAGED in life at any time.

  • Choose to engage: it is the choice that we make at any age or any stage. The cohort is not the issue!


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