New Delhi: Global Luxury Realty Conclave

New Delhi: Global Luxury Realty Conclave

Richard has recently attended an exciting event in New Delhi, India. The beautiful venues at The Taj Palace Hotel hosted a variety of guests who were eager to witness Global Luxury Realty Conclave.

A first of its kind convention and exhibition of India and International Luxury Real Estate

India, the two trillion dollar economy, has declared 7.6 per cent growth rate. Significant part of its young population (72 per cent below 32 years) features a lot of potential toward the future. 

The two day event was packed with “leaders and stakeholders in the world of luxury real estate”. Richard, known for his involvement in international real estate and recognized for retooling his business, met with representatives of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Price water house Coopers, Sotheby’s International Realty representatives from USA, UK, UAE, India & International real estate developers, and most notably Confederation of Indian Industry

On the first day, Richard took part in a session about the ownership of luxury property overseas and its growing popularity among “the super-rich”. The panel attendees consisted of representatives of Sotheby’s International Realty and real estate developers from UK, Maldives, USA, Canada, Malta and UAE.

First Session

The upcoming sessions were no less interesting. On the contrary, the diversity of topics discussed by real estate experts included current situation in India: impact of Indian Union Budget 2017, tax policies, mortgage policies tied to investments abroad, and “economic and socio-political developments that are expected to impact the real estate scenario in India and abroad”. The latter included BREXIT and US elections.

Read the full report with photos and description of events here


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