TOP 5 Food Spots in Cabbagetown

TOP 5 Food Spots in Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown – the village in the middle of the city. The “Thing” about Cabbagetown is it’s a small town in a big City. It has its own shopping area, park, schools and everyone knows their neighbour.


Restaurants are plentiful as well as ethnic diversity in food. I’ve decided to share some of my local favorites. Feel free to share your favourites in the comments, good food suggestions are always welcome!


Address: 454 Parliament St, Toronto, ON
Opening Hours: 11:30 – 02:00

hop Source: Facebook

Purveyors of Fine Fare, Libation & Diversion.

House on Parliament is one of the few places where you’re encouraged to dine with your bare hands. It actually says so on the menu, which is divided into four categories, according to the type of utensils the meal demands: Fork and Spoon, No Cutlery Needed, Utensils Optional, Silverware Required, Sweet Spoon.

The meal selection at HoP is what you would expect to find in a normal pub. What is more, Now magazine said House of Parliament serves the best pub food in Toronto. And I couldn’t agree more!

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

I work a lot of evenings, I am here for brunch or lunch at least once a week. I consider this place the original gastro pub! And in the summer, make sure you enjoy your meal on their top floor deck! Great outdoor eating experience!

And the vibe at the House on Parliament in perfect balance with the Cabbagetown neighbourhood – it’s quirky, artsy, historical, comfortable, and friendly. We’ve covered the restaurant before on, so if you’re not convinced yet, don’t leave without reading our full-scale review here.

Source Facebook
Source Facebook


Address: 521 Parliament St, Toronto, ON
Opening Hours: MON-THU, SUN 17:00-21:00, FRI-SAT 17:00-21:30

salt-and-tobacco-2Source: Salt & Tobacco

If you want to do something, like propose to the love of your life, and you aren’t into waiting for a seat then call us – we can work with you on that.

Salt & Tobacco is the newest addition to the Parliament food scene. The location is central, the food is excellent. They’re already famous for their great service and a welcoming and bright ambience.

One important thing to note, this restaurant is small and has limited seating, only a couple of benches. And because of their popularity, even their website says “you’re likely to be sharing a table when you arrive. Don’t worry, everybody is nice”. And you shouldn’t worry indeed. The seating allows for a very friendly atmosphere to enjoy their speciality pizzas.

salt-and-tobaccoSource: Salt & Tobacco

And as far as pizza goes, it doesn’t get better than Salt & Tobacco. The crust is like a super model – thin and crisp. Wash it down with craft beer or sparkling water on tap. It’s your choice, but do choose this place as it deserves your attention!

Salt and Tobacco Pizzas
Source: Salt & Tobacco


Address: 195 Carlton St, Toronto, ON
Opening Hours: MON-FRI 11:00-01:00, SAT-SUN 10:00-01:00

Source Facebook
Source Facebook

All of our meat is locally raised without the use of any hormones and antibiotics. NEVER FROZEN.

Local is not only a word at Irv’s, but a commitment: “It is very important for us to give back, its not only a part of our business model but it is a part of who we are.” And you know a restaurant is serious about its ingredients when it uses caps lock to emphasize it.

I think the best description of this neighbourhood eatery would be “a great spot for relaxed eating of comfort food.”

Source Facebook
Source Facebook

The Irv Gastro Pub is a Cabbagetown favourite for its coziness, informal setting, sports broadcasting and overall friendly atmosphere. There’s no reason to believe otherwise when the place averages 4,5 on Yelp.

Their sandwiches alone do a great job promoting the chefs but don’t hesitate to come for brunch. Wash your meal down with local craft beer and craft cocktails.

Also, their patio is great. I must admit to being a patio sitter, and Irv has a really nice patio! I love the ambiance there and the street views.



Address: 12 Amelia St, Toronto, ON
Opening Hours: MON-FRI 17:00-22:00, SAT-SUN 11:00-14:00, 17-22


Come and visit – your taste buds will thank you!

The great thing about big cities is their diversity and what it brings to the table. In F’Amelia’s case, it is Northern Italian cuisine and wine.

Located on the Amelia St in our lovely Cabbagetown, the name seems to hint at a playful combination that sounds like ‘Familia’ meaning family. The homelike place is praised for its service, wine and authentic food. Often times you will notice it is called a hidden gem. This is because Cabbagetown is one of those neighbourhoods that don’t feel busy, yet there’s no shortage of business.

fameliaSource: Facebook

F’Amelia accommodates their guests on the patio, or in the cozy interior.

And it’s always a good choice, for any occasion, whether you’re celebrating something, or you’re just in the mood for some delicious Italian food. They have wonderful bread, tasty Italian food and the atmosphere at the restaurant is Cabbagetown at its best.

Source Facebook
Source: Facebook


Address: 307 Wellesley St E, Toronto, ON
Opening Hours: MON-SUN 11:30-22:00


Rashnaa was first opened in 1990 in the heart of Cabbagetown, Toronto.

Almost three decades later and Rashnaa is still one of my neighbourhood favourites. Rashnaa means Tasty in Sanskrit, a language associated with India.

What is it you can find here? Spicy Indian and Sri Lankan meals. More than on the fancy interior, the place is focused on good quality dishes. Don’t worry, though, the ambience is very authentic even without overwhelming decorations. Less is more when it comes to this place!

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Rashnaa offers Great Sri Lankan delicacies, but it’s not for the light eater. Make sure you have lots of water near you! Kothu Roti is one of the most popular dishes. If you have never had Sri Lankan food before I encourage you to try it here. They’re also a great choice for take-out or UberEats.

Source Just Eat
Source Just Eat


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