St. Regis Residences: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

St. Regis Residences: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Earlier this week, we visited the ex-TRUMP Tower in Toronto which is in the process of being rebranded and restyled as the St. Regis Toronto Residences.

There are a number of unsold units that are now available without any legal issues. The prices are excellent and the finishing of the units is impeccable. If you have not seen them and would like to have a walkthrough or have information on them, please let us know and the Torontoism Team will be happy to arrange access. These units will have many amenities provided by the Residences and the St. Regis Hotel, known for their excellent service.

A year ago we would have dissuaded you from considering the TRUMP Tower however, the new owners have taken a lemon, made lemonade and all the amenities available sweeten the deal for investors or occupants. This building deserves a first or second look and we would be honoured to represent you there.

The great bonus is you can see exactly what you are getting: the building and units are up and the quality is of a very high standard with 10.5-foot ceilings. You can touch and feel what you are buying and close in the next months.

Please sign up below if you wish to see all the marketing materials, floor plans and amenities. We were impressed and so will you be.


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