Enjoying summer in Toronto

Enjoying summer in Toronto

It’s true there are two seasons in Toronto: Winter and Construction!

In the Construction season, the month’s of July and August are my favourite and of course, it is because of Cottage Season. Surprise, unlike most of Toronto, we don’t go to a lake. We stay in town and enjoy the quieter streets, easier driving, parking, and no need for a restaurant reservation.

Then there is the traffic north on a Friday and south on Sunday. It takes all the good created on Saturday and Sunday at the cottage and almost makes it valueless. I think it was on that drive that the phrase “Road Rage” was coined and at the end of the day, going out of the city takes me away from the business, high-speed internet and of course indoor toilets: First world problem. Luckily, we have created what I like to call “Puerto Varanda” in our backyard and we spend our time BBQing with friends.

Enjoying summer in Toronto 2
Our Puerto Varanda

Toronto has a wonderful system of Parks, Lake Ontario and the Valleys flowing into it. However, if you have a dog then your Sunday morning walk includes a stroll down Parliament Street, coffees and a muffin at the Jet Fuel Cafe and a short walk to Riverdale Park West. On arriving you can schmooze with all the RPW Doggie Mommies and Daddies, and watch the dogs chasing each other and fighting over balls. Make sure you stay grounded so that your knee is not taken out in a dog chase and that your dog has learned and obey’s the COME command and does not think that it means “let’s play more”.

Remember that you have to leave the Park by 11 AM or you will find yourself in the midst of four competing baseball games happening at once and unlike Golf, no one yells “Four”, so heads up! A short walk across the footbridge to Riverdale Park East not as dog-friendly but serious for people exercise.

With all your exercise you may need a pit stop at the “Rooster Cafe” or the “Riverdale Perk“. You deserve that sweet as you have walked, yelled after your dog and dodged baseballs as you climbed hills and valleys. Sweets have always been the great motivator for me and we all need a pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

Stay home this weekend and enjoy all Toronto has to offer. You may be surprised! It is Heaven without the six-hour drive! However, if you are someone who must leave Toronto on the weekend then we love you for doing so…Saturday or Sunday shopping at Costco or IKEA and actually having parking available…unbelievable!



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