Mayor John Tory Attended Our Street Party

Mayor John Tory Attended Our Street Party

It has been a busy Municipal election period but Mayor John Tory took the time to attend a Street Party and Brazilian BBQ at our home and discuss his agenda past and present. There has been a lot of back and forth this year amongst the Alderman as the Provincial Government under Doug Ford wants to change the number of Councillors in the City. Not necessarily a bad idea but one that Mr. Ford threw into the mix after the election had started causing the chaos that he relishes. Seems that a lot of tax money will be spent in the Courts in the near future.

However, thank you again to Mayor Tory for sharing his thoughts on taxation, transit, building, traffic and the dire situation of the dwellers at 650 Parliament Street, where an electric fire has made a number of residents homeless for the next 6 months.

Mayor John Tory Attended Our Street Party 2


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