Via Bloor: An Opportunity to “Rightsize” with Style

Via Bloor: An Opportunity to “Rightsize” with Style

An exciting new Condominium development is arriving in Toronto at 575 Bloor Street East for those looking for luxury condo homes. ViaBloor, a new condominium from Tridel, will bring luxury, convenience, and practicality to its future residents. This article will give you important information about the building, neighbourhood, who should consider living there, and how it is a great opportunity to rightsize.

About Via Bloor and the Neighbourhood

Via Bloor is a new luxury condo development by Tridel that is scheduled for completion in early 2021. There will be 374 units spread over 37 stories. The rooms will have one to three bedrooms, one to three bathrooms, and sizes range from 1167 to 3104 square feet. Each room comes equipped with the latest smart home technology. The building also provides many attractive amenities, including a sauna, steam room, swimming pool, fitness centre, and party room.

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Via Bloor will also have five exclusive penthouse suites. These suites are two-storeys, and they feature solar ceilings, intelligently designed kitchens, panoramic views of the city, and even private in-suite elevators! Tridel considers these suites to be “the pinnacle of sky-high luxury.”

The condo building is also located in a superb area, offering great convenience to its residents. It is just a two-minute walk from Sherbourne Subway Station, giving it a transit score of 95/100. It also has a walkscore of 91/100, as residents can walk to many nearby shops, restaurants, and schools. There are also many nearby parks, such as St. James Town West Park, Winchester Park, and Craigleigh Gardens Park. It is an easy walk to great Neighbourhoods: the Danforth Village, Cabbagetown, and the Million Dollar mile at Bay and Bloor.

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Neighbourhood wise, Via Bloor will be a mixed community with a lot of new Canadians and “right-sizers”. It is at the junction of four great neighbourhoods: Rosedale, Danforth Village, Cabbagetown’s Parliament Street, and Bloor Yonge.

Current prices for available units range from $1,197,000 to over $3,350,000. The average price per square foot is $1102.

Who Should Consider Via Bloor

Via Bloor is great for all demographics who value a luxurious, modern, and convenient condo lifestyle. Young people will enjoy modern smart-home technology and amenities. Professionals working downtown will benefit from the easy commute. And older people will find the size of the home to be suitable and the neighbourhood to have everything they need.

Richard Silver, Senior Vice President of Sales at Sotheby’s Canada, says,

It will be a great base for people who are interested in an easy lifestyle, steps to the subway, and a location where a car is not needed.


On Rightsizing

More space is always better…right? Not necessarily. Many people, as they age, move into bigger homes and accumulate more and more things. That feels like a success when it comes to choosing a home. But eventually, so much of their home just become storage space for things that they don’t even use. As a result, they end up living in a property that’s too big for them to handle. Their “success” becomes a burden.

Barry Lebow, the founder of The Accredited Senior Agent Designation, defines rightsizing as “to undergo a reduction to an optimal size.” Lebow gives a better definition of home success: living in an optimal space that’s the most suitable for your current situation.

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Via Bloor is a great rightsizing opportunity to for those who value luxury living and find their current house too big for their needs. Perhaps you’re finding it troublesome to climb the stairs all the time or to take care of the garden. Or perhaps too many rooms are collecting too much dust. Via Bloor will offer these people a great quality of life improvement with its well-designed layout, amenities, and walking proximity to parks and shops.

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Some people may struggle with the idea of a reduction in space because they have so many things with sentimental value that they can’t throw away. If this is your situation, you can ask yourself, “Do you own these things, or do these things own you?” You can also use the Marie Kondo method by asking yourself, “Does this item spark joy in me?” If yes, keep it. If no, let it go. Alternatively, you can get professional help to sort out what to keep and what to let go of. Ann Christie from Declutter and Downsize has helped many of our clients downsize happily and effectively.

Silver himself is actually planning to rightsize, and he says,

We are really looking forward to moving from our large home to a smaller unit with great amenities and security that allows for travel or extended periods of carefree living. Imagine no shovelling of snow or cutting grass!

Arriving in early 2021, Via Bloor will bring an exciting living space that is luxurious, modern, convenient, and practical. It will appeal to anyone interested in those qualities, such as young professionals and older right sizers.

If you are interested in Via Bloor, you can contact Richard Silver at 416-587-3300 or He has one 3-bedroom unit available, and that unit has a beautiful view of the Rosedale Valley Ravine. He also has a great relationship with the builder, so he can find units that may be under assignment.

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