April 1st 2020. The New Abnormal Under Coronavirus.

April 1st 2020. The New Abnormal Under Coronavirus.

April 1st 2020. The New Abnormal Under Coronavirus. 2Now that April 1st is upon us, I am now just sitting down to write our March newsletter. In all my years in Real Estate and on this earth, I don’t think we have ever seen so much turmoil, opinions, information and stress as we are dealing with now. There are some amazing heroes out there and they need to be prayed for and thanked for stepping up.

I realize that we all have major concerns about the virus, infection, and isolation is not easy when we are such social beings. Amongst the doom and gloom, there are still many who say “we will get through this” and “this too shall pass”. I may be a cockeyed optimist but I choose to walk on a positive path.

We have started a series on our Youtube Channel, FaceBook Business Page our website Torontoism.com interviewing service providers who have been assisting us in marketing properties and providing services like mortgage brokers and lawyers. We are asking them for their thoughts on what is happening and some of the protocols that we are now forced to live with, in our normal/abnormal lives.

Daily we get asked if the Real Estate market will tumble. Granted on-site showings have gone down but traffic on the real estate portals has gone up. More people have time away from work to do their looking. Because Food, Clothing, and Shelter are essential to our of life, it seems that activity on the websites is growing.

Real Estate is an Essential Service

The Ontario Government has named Real Estate and service providers to the real estate transaction as essential services. Good market or bad there are always those that need to buy or sell and we choose to be there for you.

We are now and have been for years, able to transact, sell, close and register a property in Ontario. We at Silver Burtnick and Associates are here online, by phone or by virtual showings and happy to answer questions and connect you with whoever you need to speak to.

Our new best friends are rubber gloves, Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and we are adhering to COVID-19 protocols. We have all been self-isolating and will continue till we get the all-clear, but in the meantime, feel free to connect with us.

Passover Services

An aside: Next week is Passover and we will be hosting our family on a Zoom Passover service.

It will be virtual but reminds me of the one I celebrated with my mother when she was at Baycrest Hospital. She was allowed, one guest. Masked, gowned, temperature taken, I sat at a table and tried to explain to my mother what was going on and why I was completely covered. She kept trying to pull the mask from my face. I wish I had had an iPhone at the time. Mom was a force of nature and by then she did not have much of a filter. Everything on her mind was vocalized loud and clear. Serious as it was then, I now laugh at the “Fellini-like” scene.

I am sure we will have our stories when this settles down and I will look forward to hearing them and having you share them.

Please stay safe and keep positive. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Geoff, Jim, Richard, Erin, Oliver & Celia

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