Putting Your Best Foot Forward On ZOOM!

Putting Your Best Foot Forward On ZOOM!
What's happening today and thoughts on the future...
Putting Your Best Foot Forward On ZOOM! 2
What’s happening today and thoughts on the future…




Over the past weeks, we have started more and more to connecting with family, friends and colleagues (perhaps even dating) using Zoom.us.

Here are some important tips that you might want to follow to present your self in the best light:

  1. Number one is definitely light. Make sure there are NO lights behind you, only in front of you. If you were on stage you would have blinding spotlights in front of you and Zoom should be no different.
  2. Remember that although you are on the internet, you are having a face-to-face meeting and similar rules would apply. Hair should be combed and to get full value from both parties in a discussion you need to see the person’s features. Hats are not a good idea as they shade the face and make your features too dark. Pay attention to what is happening on the screen as it is distracting if you do not.
  3. In the upper right hand of the Zoom screen, you can see an option between Gallery view or Speaker View. Play with that option until you decide what is more comfortable for you.
  4. Keep the computer’s camera at the same height as your face. If you have an iPhone or Android that you are using, buy a tripod from Amazon and make sure you are looking at the camera.
  5. Turn every other screen on your computer off, and of course, put your phone in silent mode.
  6. If you have a list of points that you want to tackle get that list on the screen near your phone or on a note next to the camera otherwise you are looking down and up. If the camera is at the top of your computer or laptop move the Zoom screen as high up as possible so you are not bobbing your head.
  7. Remember at all times that you are on camera, focus on the Zoom conference. Eat and drink before and after but not during. Don’t touch your hair of face and if you are using a Virtual Background stay still and don’t talk with your hands.
  8. Are you on the strongest Wi-Fi connection available in your house and are you on the best computer? It might be a good idea to speak to your internet provider or order a better computer. Remember that Zoom or work-from-home options will be a new normal and as your clients and you get more used to it you may find it to be a larger part of your business technology. If your internet is being shared, as everyone else not to stream as it will downgrade the picture and you might lose voice and picture quality on your Zoom conference.
  9. If you are using an iPhone or Android make sure it is in horizontal position otherwise in vertical you will have bands that will show up on the sides.
  10. You may want to sign up for Zoom as they have free or paid subscriptions and the differences may be an issue for you. Also, there are lots of YouTube how-to’s available to watch. There are a number of Webinars and live training on the Zoom website.
  11. You can add Virtual Backgrounds by clicking on the “Settings” wheel and choosing “Virtual Backgrounds”. Across from the “Virtual Backgrounds”,  you will see a plus sign and by clicking on that plus sign you can upload any photo on our computer. A great suggestion is to find something that is indicative of the location that you live in or any high definition photos that you may have on your computer. If you are a Realtor why not add some of the high definition of your listings. Imagine speaking to your clients from their kitchen or living room.
  12. If you choose to record the discussion you can do so and as soon as you end the call it will convert the discussion to a file that you can save on your computer or in the Zoom cloud.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward On ZOOM! 3








Visit the Zoom site as they are reducing some of the restrictions to assist in helping with coronavirus protocols.

I am sure that points have been missed in the rush to get this posted so use the comments tab below and I will update this list and thank you for your tips.

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