Real Estate Service Providers and the Coronavirus.

Real Estate Service Providers and the Coronavirus.

Real Estate Service Providers and the Coronavirus. 2

So much is being discussed in the Real Estate Industry today. Will the market crash? Should houses be shown? Do Virtual Showings and Virtual Open Houses work? Are Realtors who continue to work unsympathetic to what is going on today? Can the business of Real Estate transition to virtual fast enough?

The truth is most brokerages and their realtors have transitioned years ago with loads of technology and apps that make it quite easy to transact Real Estate. Harder to deal with however is the amount of preparation that we usually go through to bring a property to the market.

We thought that it might be interesting to hear from our cadre’ of service providers who we use to get properties ready for sale and ask them how their business had changed under Coronavirus protocols. These are viewable on YouTube separately as are our interviews with Colleagues around Canada and the United States and regional differences in their marketplaces. Click here to view them separately. 

Here I am speaking to Darlene Hanley of the Hanley Mortgage Group about the mortgage industry under coronavirus protocols.

Here I am speaking with Alan Carson of Carson Dunlop Home Inspections about their choices under coronavirus protocols.

Here I am speaking with Audrey Loeb of Shibley Righton LLC. Audrey focuses on Condominium Law and she tells us how their business has changed over the past weeks.

In this video below I interview Luanne Kanerva of Katu Design who provides our team with her staging talents on almost all the listings we bring to market.

Many of the properties we represent need to be shown at their best with clutter removed and stored off-site. We turn to Ann Christie of Declutter and Downsize for her expertise.

Once you have the property of your dreams and you need work done what could be better than a phone app that features your house and acts as a concierge service for your home. Here is David Steckel founder of Setter.

Here is an interview with our Social Media Guru, Heather Clifford of “Keep It Simple Social Media”.

To make those long days sheltering in place seem more enjoyable, we have added a wonderful app for you to use called Real Estate Dot Love. Here is an interview with Catharine Macintosh the founder of the app. You can sign up here and check it out!

And here is an explainer to assist you in enjoying Real Estate Dot Love. Real Estate Tinder.

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