The Top 12 Covid-19 and Real Estate Questions Answered…

The Top 12 Covid-19 and Real Estate Questions Answered…

The Top 12 Covid-19 and Real Estate Questions Answered... 2The past few months have been a new frontier for all of us, but wherever we go and on all communication tools, here are the 12 COVID-19 questions that we get asked and our answers:

Are homes selling?

The answer is yes. The market is off from our normal spring/summer market but all things considered, properties are changing hands, however, Coronavirus Protocols make it more difficult.

Is this a good time to list my home?

The only market we know for sure is the one that we are in today. People need to buy and there is a shortage of properties available in the GTA. Demand still exceeds availability.

We have never experienced online visits and use of different media, Matterport, Video, Facebook Live, IG TV (Instagram TV). Eyeballs have increased by more than 25% so properties are getting loads more attention than 4 months ago.

Is this a good time to buy a home?

Markets are just that. They do go up and down. Focus on always finding the right home that meets your requirements and you will always be a winner. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low and affordability should be a driving concern.

What is my home worth?

There is a lot of data and programs that we can now use to assist us in determining a range of pricing in today’s market. We can visit your home in person or set-up virtual visits to assist us with a walkthrough.

Can I get a price on my house without an agent coming over?

Yes, virtual walkthroughs and valuation modules are aplenty these days and they can help establish value without face-to-face meetings. All most everything can be handled virtually.

Are prices coming down?

Predictions are plentiful however at the moment it seems as if the pricing has shifted down a small amount. Obviously there is great concern over the second wave of Coronavirus and the financial fallout from the job losses. We are trying to be prudent, but not negative.

The Top 12 Covid-19 and Real Estate Questions Answered... 3

Are people buying homes sight unseen?

Yes, they are. There has been a history already of Foreign buyers, purchasing property sight unseen, but new technology options are making it easier to do so. Lawyers are finally adopting Docusign for their closings and sellers and buyers no longer need face to face appointments before closings.

How can we safely have people in our home for showings?

All the agents showing our properties, upon requesting appointments are asked to sign COVID -19 disclosures, PPE is requested to be worn at each property that we have listed and we have packets of PPE at every home.

Are moving companies working?

Yes, they are and to my knowledge are practising strict COVID-19 protocols. We recently moved from our house to an apartment with no issues.

Are agents still staging homes?

We are but where possible we are trying to use most of the client’s furniture and accessories but our downsizer services are working hard.  When appropriate we have a couple of companies that we use that will virtually stage properties.

Are Building inspectors working?

Some Building Inspection Companies closed up shop for a couple of months but are now moving ahead with strong protocols in place. They are using Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime for their inspections and sharing the information with their buyers.

Is it safe to be looking at homes?

A lot of waivers are used before entering properties and of course, hard questions are asked. Often times we suggest that the seller not be home, that all lights are on and doors are open. We provide PPE for all our showings which include boot covers, gloves, sanitizers and masks and try and limit the attendance to only small numbers.

Our general rule is: People need to buy and people need to sell. Our job is to advise and assist at all times. The Government of Ontario has designated Realtors and service providers as essential services since the lockdown, so, as best as possible, we have and will continue to do our jobs.

The Top 12 Covid-19 and Real Estate Questions Answered... 4
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Hopefully, that has answered many questions but feel free to comment below and we will happily answer more.

Thank you. If you are considering a move please connect with us and we will do our utmost to “Make your home dreams reality”.

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