Enjoying summer in Toronto

Stay home this weekend and enjoy all Toronto has to offer. You may be surprised! It is Heaven without the six-hour drive! However, if you are someone who must leave Toronto on the weekend then we love you for doing so…Saturday or Sunday shopping at Costco or IKEA and actually having parking available…unbelievable!

Who is the Toronto Millennial Buyer?

While there’s no single way to profile the Toronto millennial home buyer, there are a few trends among them: many millennials are purchasing with the help of their parents, convenience is a big factor, and upsizing is usually due to family expansion—commonly occurring in the mid-30s.

Behind the Scenes at Torontoism

Torontoism is unique in comparison to our competitors. A blend of conventional and cutting-edge marketing strategies make us one of the most innovative real estate agencies. Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like behind the scenes.

Buying a Property in Costa Rica

While uprooting yourself and your family to move to a country in Central America may seem like an outlandish idea, buying property in Costa Rica, whether as a home or as an investment, is becoming a more common trend among North Americans.

Richmond Hill by Tracy An

Richmond Hill, a town in south-central York Region is a part of the Greater Toronto Area. It is the York Region’s third most populous municipality and the 28th most populous municipality in Canada. Let Tracy An give you a tour of her home town! SK00SK

Why Rent Controls are Such a Problem for Toronto

Rent control is one of those thorny problems that seems like a great idea but inevitably fails to deliver. Today, we’re going to cover why rent controls have been implemented, and why they pose unique long-term consequences for Toronto. What are rent controls? First, let’s clarify what rent control actually means, and then how it’s …