People of Toronto: Dayna Gedney

I grew up at St. Claire and Dufferin, and my grandmother’s down at Dufferin and Bloor, and my other grandmother’s at Runnymede. We’re definitely a West End kind of crew.

People of Toronto: Ryan Dineen

You can find Dineen’s murals scattered around downtown Toronto, while his oil and canvas work is housed in the Ingram Gallery on Avenue Road. He remains, though, very much an outdoor artist where subject matter is concerned.

Alex Pino – Reflections

I have known Alex Pino for years as a very successful real estate broker, but it was not until I moved to Sotheby’s International Realty Canada that I was exposed to his great skills and talents as a photographer.

People of Toronto: Jonathan Castellino

“Photography is always a journey, and not a destination. But I can only speak for myself. The idea of abstracting “moments” fascinates and motivates my work. I have always held that it is not answers, but questions that we seek in our lives.” – Toronto photographer, Jonathan Castellino.

Life On The Grid: 100 Years of Street Photography in Toronto

Life on the Grid: 100 Years of Street Photography in Toronto. This free photographic exhibit opened on June 27, 2013, and runs all the way to May 1, 2014. This new showcase was kick-started when the City of Toronto Archives acquired a large collection of photos belonging to the late avid street photographer Ivaan Kotulsky. His collection of photos was captured from 1990 to 2000 and depicted the startling reality of life on the streets of Toronto.