Photo Report: CNE and Labour Day

1 the entrance
The Entrance

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), known also as The Ex, is an event leading up to and including Canadian Labour Day. It’s one of the largest annual events in North America and the largest one in Canada. These 18 days are full of fun, food, rides, games and entertainment.

The first CNE exhibition took place in 1879 and was devote mainly to Canada’s technology and agriculture. Over time the event changed to a large celebration full of shows, concerts and events.

The festivities for 2014 are over, so have a look back and enjoy our photo report from this year’s CNE and the Canadian Labour Day events!

02 CNE Main Gate
CNE Main Gate
03 The Park in the CNE midway
The Park in the CNE midway
04 CNE Very Popular Skyline Ride
Very Popular Skyline Ride
05 CNE Marshall Dane Concert
Marshall Dane Concert
06 CNE Canadian International Air Show
Canadian International Air Show
07 CNE Midway Ride
CNE Midway Ride
08 CNE On A Ride
On A Ride
Kids With Llamas
Kids With Llamas
Playing Whack a Mole
Playing Whack a Mole
11 CNE In a Fountain
In a Fountain
CNE Rides
CNE Rides
12 CNE Enjoying The Ride
Enjoying The Ride
Playing a Bottle Game
Playing a Bottle Game
Inside of the Exhibition Hall
15 CNE Wheelchair Basketball
Wheelchair Basketball
16 CNE Roasted Corn
Roasted Corn

Meet the photographer: BEA LABIKOVA

Bea Labikova
Bea Labikova

Bea is a Toronto based musician, photographer, teacher and a multidisciplinary visual artist. Growing up surrounded by her father’s antique camera collection, Bea was naturally inclined towards photography since an early age. She loves taking portraits of unique faces and always tries to capture the colours of the world around us. Her main areas of interest are documentary, performance and travel photography.


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