The Importance of Open Houses When Selling Your Home!

For many Sellers the thought of having someone traipsing through your home with all its keepsakes and memories sends shivers down their spines.

However, take a deep breath and keep a few things in mind; First, this is the house you are leaving. Secondly, all the keepsakes should be away from the Buyers eyes in an attempt to de-personalize your home and make it appealing to the widest spectrum of Buyers in the marketplace.

Thirdly, most Buyers today are from the surfing generation. We have grown up surfing TV channels, surfing the Internet and web sites and now, surfing Open Houses.


They go from house to house to find the Realtor they want to work with and the house they want to buy. I am often reminded of this when I get a call from a Buyer who asks when the next Open House will be on a listing. If I tell them there is not one scheduled but I am happy to take them through privately, the usual response I get is “no thanks, I don’t want to bother you, let me know when the next Open House will be though”. Bother me, bother me!!


This leads me to encourage all my Sellers, where possible (tenanted houses are tough), to make their houses available to be open, show them in the best light and also to make an event of it. A fire in the fireplace and the smell of baked cookies (vanilla extract of a light bulb, if you want to cheat…) works wonders.

Open Houses are definitely part of a complete marketing plan especially in a market where you need every advantage. Feel free to drop by my next one. There is usually an up-to-date list on my web site. Also, the Toronto Real Estate Board and have online Open House information.

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