FBI Pizza Brings Authentic Italian to Delivery

FBI Pizza Brings Authentic Italian to Delivery

With its stunning waterfront and independent businesses, the area of Mimico has been on the rise for the past decade. It's a real treat: you can walk or bike along the boardwalk, watch sailboats all summer long, and feel the energy of this active and vibrant community just a short drive away from downtown Toronto. Along with this are the restaurants in the area, some having been there for many years, some newly opening and taking advantage of the growing interest in waterfront living. One of these features wood fired, authentic Italian pizzas, topped with fresh ingredients: FBI Pizza.

FBI Pizza appeases cravings for Italian Neapolitan pizza to be delivered to your door. From the owners of Queen Margherita in Leslieville, FBI Pizza brings you quality that you'd expect from some of Toronto's best pizzerias but in delivery form – which is to say, compared to your typical Pizza Pizza, a huge improvement. Their menu is structured to allow customers to pick their own toppings, with different prices for the more premium offerings, and dependent on size: big (14"), bigger (16"), really big (18"), or biggest (21"). From experience, let me tell you that when they mean really big... they mean humungous.

pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni Pizza

With a name like "Full-Blooded Italian" to back them up, they offer authentic Italian toppings like their San Marzano Tomato sauce and fior di latte mozzarella. Neapolitan pizzas contrast with a typical American-style pizza for their light crust and deep flavours rooting from the sauce using Italian plum tomatoes and high quality, fresh chunks of mozzarella cheese. These kinds of simple, but delicious, pizzas are my favourite. So from FBI my top choice of pizza is a version of the Caprese, with thin crust, fresh basil leaves, chunks of bocconcini, slices of cherry tomatoes scattered throughout, and thin-sliced prosciutto with a drizzle of olive oil. The crust didn't have me wowed – it isn't that floppy, gooey crust with charred spots that you will find in the best pizzerias across the city. It's a sturdier version, closer to what you'd expect from North American delivery pizza, but topped with fresh ingredients, which is where FBI shines. Other toppings of note are their hot pepperoncini, gorgonzola, grana padano, hot soppreseta, pancetta, calabrese sausage, and goat cheese.

pizza diavola
Pizza Diavola

You can get as creative as you want, or ask the chef's for recommendations. They have a special menu of 'Chef's Pizza Combinations' which range from a standard Margherita (16" for $17.25), featuring fresh basil, to the Bombo Pazza: calabrese cacciatore, hot pepperoncini paste, drizzled with honey (16" for $24). Pizzas can range from $12.75 to $38 and up, depending on the size and number of toppings. Their biggest 21" will easily cover a party of six people. Their menu also features a handful of non-pizza options, like salads, delicious free-range fried chicken (4 pc, $12.50), jumbo chicken wings (6 pc $12.50), and panzerottis.

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