My Favourite Holidays! Another Day in Paradise!

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casa de los arcos

Let me begin by saying that I totally understand the lure of “all inclusive” vacations and have taken them numerous times when my mental ability was at an all time low and deciding where to go for dinner was a major decision…

That said, if I have the time and even passable energy, I am always happier and more fulfilled when I can experience a total change in culture and weather.

I have travelled in the Far East, India, Africa, South America, Central America, the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia and even Antarctica. I have tried everything in terms of types of travel: Cruises, Planes, Trains and Automobiles and from the highest end to the lowest….camping on the 4 day Trek to Machu Picchu , nearly did me in….

However, at the end of the day my favourite holidays have been in Puerto Vallarta Mexico . We always stay above the old town, usually at Casa de Los Arcos.  It is a villa owned by my friend Susan Wiseman and has commanding views of Banderas Bay .

Our days are simple starting with a walk down the hill through the cobblestone streets to the Malecon /Boardwalk. We explore different areas in our 1 hour  walk and usually end up at Fredy’s Tucan , Cafe’ San Angel  or the Memo’s Pancake House  for breakfast. The “people watching” whether it is the Gringos  or the locals is better than a Broadway Show and you never know what you will see.

Lunch is usually picked up at Pollo Feliz  (the Happy Chicken) though I don’t know what he would be happy about since they are barbecued splayed in the Portugese tradition….we refer to it as road kill chicken but the taste is amazing…

Afternoons are spent reading, blogging swimming, whale watching from the hillside and of course, napping…a Siesta is a must.

Evenings are an easy walk down to the Zona Romantica  where we can go to El Brujo  for the Shrimp Fajitas and bubbling Cilantro Cheese, La Piazzetta  for their great Pizzas and Pastas…Archie’s Wok  for Asian cuisine and El Repollo Rojo  (the Red Cabbage) know for it’s signature Chiles en Nogado…

The days go by and get all jumbled but there is a lot to see and do with great streets to walk, markets to shop, books to read…

If you have not tried this kind of holiday, I would encourage it. I know too many people who travel and expect the American experience when they land. Experiencing other cultures, food and music makes us appreciate the world more and that is what good travel is all about.

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