Changing Styles, Changing Colours....YOUR VOTE IS NEEDED!

Changing Styles, Changing Colours….YOUR VOTE IS NEEDED!

10.22.20 | Business

In my first years in Real Estate, the look that was selling was white walls, shag carpeting and exposed brick. As a matter of fact, we did not call the purveyors of that formula “builders”, we called them “WHITE PAINTERS”. However, it was a look that sold and it seems that in the past years we have seen “White” come and go, “Shag carpeting” has returned, exposed brick has been covered by stucco and now Stucco is being replaced with brick. Architectural staircases and Victorian detail in principal rooms are being forced out by totally open-concept and wall-less main floors.

It seems that every 5 to 10 years there is a new look adopted by the buying public. As a realtor, it is a constant challenge to keep abreast of the “Latest Look”. Luckily we now have companies like and to assist. BoxBrownie can take existing photos, change colours in the existing photos and virtually stage them. Wowzler can show your clients what an existing home can look like updated with a fresh stylish renovation. These are great assists to us these days. As a realtor, it does not take long to realize that as much as we love our clients, there are few that can see past evident challenges.

For instance…We have a wonderful listing at 2 Indian Grove in Toronto’s High Park that has what I would consider a timeless architectural design, by a prominent International Architect, John Patkau. There is a wonderful staircase centred below skylights that rises up three floors allowing natural sunlight to bathe what would have probably been a darker home. That staircase is presently painted a teal blue which with the white walls and ceilings really accentuate the architectural detail. However, after one of the recent showings, a comment was made that the Teal Blue was overpowering and that the buyer would have wanted more white. BoxBrownie to the rescue and now “We Need Your Vote”.

Changing Styles, Changing Colours....YOUR VOTE IS NEEDED! The White Staircase

Kitchen Photos 

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